Friday, November 28, 2008

Mumbai's 9/11

Scared, shocked and terrified.

The fear of loosing beats every other feeling on earth.

Can;t find words to describe or say what i want to.

Hope things are ok from those unheard.


Friday, November 21, 2008

Of Life & Cars

Life's like an expressway or freeway whatever you call it. People are like cars. People drive in when they feel like. Use it when they need to. And boom...outside... before you even peep outside your car window. By the time you want to get a glimpse of it from your honda or trying to decide what make it is, its gone!!! You wish you moved faster or else you hadn't seen it in the first place but too bad its already got you distracted.You so want to figure out what exactly it was but guess what its far away, unreachable.

I bet you'll see many others while on board. But what about that one? That only who stole your sight away? Lost it i guess. It has overtaken you.

Ain't life like that? You lose one but there is hope u'll gain another. They say, umeed pe toh duniya kaayam hai! You gotta keep going at the same pace to in order to avoid a mess on the freeway and let the road moving swift. Guess what, chances are this time u'll see something more amazing, may be a BMW..!!! Take the chance and move on...!! How i wish of people and of cars...!!!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

EMI and Fashion

I've watched 2 movies in the past 3 days which is surprising, considering I have so much work to do and I am cramming for time.

EMI- Randomly happened to watch it, off course all for ARJUN!!! Haven't missed any of his movies. Have been an AR fan since his first movie. EMI was an ok movie, except for the pathetic songs which weren't even in sync with the movie. Was a funny movie though. Arjun was rocking. Maliaka was a torture but the story had a message and portrayed something simple and true- loan kiya hai toh chukana padega...!!!

Fashion- Got a lot of good reviews from friends and blogs, and Priyanka in general made me go see it. Her strongest character ever and her best look ever. Glamorous and awesome. My first ever Madhur Bhandarkar watch. Watched a serious movie in a long time. The movie lived up to what i had expected. Again, a true depiction of the fashion world. A good one time watch.

Have a good weekend people.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Stunning You !

You made my day at 7 am.
You made me smile.
Dazzling Beauty.
Classic, hot, trendy, Sizzling.
Can't take my eyes off you.
Can I stop loving you?!?!?!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Diwali Dhamaka 08

Last night was our official Diwali Pub Night on Campus. Words would not do justice to describe the fun we had. We barely have three Indian Functions around the year on campus, but this one just rocked.

Awesome music, cool performances, well co-ordinated, yummy food and the best of friends made the night memorable. Danced from the start till the show was over.

Was amazing to see so many students of different cultures coming together, on a land so far away from home. The event was a grand success, thanks to the enthusiasm of our Council members who made the difference and put up such an amazing night.

Thnks Swets for all you did last night and for a gem u've been.

Had a blast!!!

Rock on UTM!!!