Thursday, October 30, 2008


After the exams, its the getting-back-the-marks season. With university standards set up high, its a world where everybody wants to do well. Where everyone wants to stay above the class mean. Sometimes they are happy and sometimes not. More than one's own performance, people tend to react based on how other people do.

You do well, your on planet Mars. You barely care about the rest. You did it...time to party!!

If you screw up or if you are having a bad day, your close to crap. Your in a helpless and desperate state. The worst part is you can't do anything about it. Guess what, you simply have one midterm for the course and so you gotta accept it.Too bad, you don't stand a second chance. If it were your friend, what would you say?? Would you be sympathetic or would you tell him, he didn't put in enough efforts. What if it were you? What would you expect your friend to say to you?

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

In the Festive Season!!!

Diwali Greetings to all my mates here in bloggerville.

Hope this new year brings joy, peace, happiness and prosperity.

I have been a little late, thanks to my never-ending tests. Glad there are finally done!!

In short, ME is back.

Soon, i'll catch up with all my visitings:)

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Fun before the midterms lauch!!!

Yesterday called for a splendid night out with my 2 close mates. Unplanned, undecided, random, hilarious and super duper fun till 5 am was all it was. And guess where, first to dinner and then we landed at the bottom floor of our campus library.Talked and giggled about the weirdest things, and our most treasured times and people!!! Apart from convincing my mom, i didn't have anything else to worry about.

Sometimes its nice to simply take it easy
Just life live without thinking and analyzing too much
Not caring about why he or she said this or that
There must be a reason to it, which might have nothing to do with you.

With four tests lined up in the next couple weeks, my life seems like a military base. Do you know how it feels?!?!?!?! Grrrhhhh!!! I won;t be updating my blog for a bit. Although, i'll try visiting my fav places :)


Saturday, October 11, 2008

Oct 9th- Her 21st

It was my oldest friend's birthday yesterday, and i was glad i could call her, listen to her and her stories and tell her whats on with my life. Felt like ages since i last spoke to her but "touch wood" we always hit it right. Its this unusual bond that has led us together for the 18th year now. A few words uttered by her to me made me really emotional and nostalgic.
Same class, same area, same tuition, same friends, same college, same bus, even same church. But really opposite personalities and streams. Her house being right behind mine, we talked for hours, sometimes the entire evening. People passing by would be like, your talks never end. But so was it, some people in your life just differentiate themselves from the others. We have had the craziest fights and some real memorable times together.
Every time i connect with her, it feels like shes always there, present right here with me. Feels like i miss something here and that is her.
I just wish her the best out of life, all she can ever wish for.
Happy birthday baby, i miss you.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Movie Tag:)

The long pending movie tag. Here it comes!!!!!
Thanks Sam for the tag. I am a movie freak, had fun with it.

1. Name five of your all time favourite movies.
A Walk to Remember
Namaste London
P.S. I love You
Jab we Met
Dilwale dulhaniya le Jaengey

2. Name one movie which you recommend as a "must see".
Mr and Mrs Smith...was a good one...entertaining.
A wednesday...good moral to it. and only one movie that you have seen many times.
It has to be Jab we 10 times in almost a year.

4.which movie comes to your mind when i say funniest?
Hera Pheri....haven;t seen any fun ones after that!!!!

5. which movie made you really emotional?
A Wednesday, really made me emotional.

6. which movie series was as interesting as the first part
Has to be Dhoom!!!!

7. which movie didnt, according to you, live up to your expectations?
Dhai Akshar Prem was way back....i really want to watch it in the theatre...thanks to my cable suppliers who telecasted it on TV the same week:P:P

8. which movie surprised you?
Kabhi Alvida na Kehna, Babul(typically turned out crap and too sob sob).

Now i Tag,

or anyone who would like to take this tag up!!!!


Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Dandiya 08

Feels like ages since i last wrote. But yea, a lot of things keeping me happenings....lotsa new things....:D:D:D

Like the past year, i decided to go play dandiya even this year and it turned out super awesome. The people, the music, the feel- just amazing. There were about 4000 people that attended....!!!! The whole event gave me back that bombay feel. Memories of staying out the whole night, hitting, even hit somebody's fingers once(poor guy). Travelling places to play dandiya. Damn....those were the days!!!

Dancing can be so relaxing...make me feel real it was super fun!!!! Awesome time, with the coolest people around...dandiya rocks!!!

Saturday, October 4, 2008


Its all how you see it and what you want to do with it.

Its all about what makes you feel good and if somethings pissing you off its really important to find the exact opposite of it.....that is something that sways totally how you feel.

I think i've found it , atleast for now, some new hope, making me feel real good....!!!!!

Hope it works cool....thanks to the new hope thats making me write this. 

Everything happens for a reason they say and now i see it. 

Listening to- Hedley- You Know its never to late, Get Up and start all over again!!!!!!!!

Rock on peopleeeee!!!!

Stay tuned for Navratri updates(real excited!!!!!)

Thursday, October 2, 2008


In utter thankfulness these words flow........

Its an awesome feeling when you are struggling to find something and you find an answer to it or a solution. Thanks Sam for leading me to something new today, makes me feel good, happy and its all because of you. 

Its said small things do matter and these words make perfect sense today. Its the small things that make the difference.That make you smile and that make you feel on top of the world. 

You rock dude!!!!