Tuesday, January 27, 2009

One weekend, without movies(surprising) but with lot of sleeeep.

One weekend, where not so much happened.

One weekend, with intuitions hitting it right and a few thoughts turning into reality.

One weekend, where work took the toll, lots of to- and- fro's, the Honda civic leading the road, and the bitting cold..!!!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Ab na ja

Ankhen band kar lu jo mein
dekhu bas tumhe
khwabon mein keh sakta huin aapna tumhe
rehne de mera ye wehemte hi yakin
na jaoge
pyar ki yeh raat hai ab na ja
chotisi ik baat hai ab na ja
tumhi se hai meri neendein na bhi ho to kya
tumhi se hai meri baatein na bhi ho to kya
kehne de taaron ko kahaani ankahi
na jaoge
pyar ki yeh raat hai ab na ja
chotisi ik baat hai ab na ja

pal do pal ka saath hai ab na ja
jadusi ye raat hai ab na ja
ab na ja

Aankhen de pyaar ki boondein
bikhre se kai sawaal
ankhon mein kitne mausam pal mein beetein kitne saal
behne de jahan bhi le jayen zindagi na jaoge
pyar ki yeh raat hai ab na ja
choti si ik baat hai ab na ja
pal do pal ka saath hai
ab na ja
jadusi ye raat hai ab na ja

ab na ja...ab na ja....ab na ja...!!

Monday, January 19, 2009

2 days to Remember

One Weekend and an awesome time. 
Slumdog Millionaire(movie at its best), Dinner @ an ultimate place , the road fun!!!
The two best buddies and their presence completes it all.
One night of total randomness, pictures and gaming.
One day down some amazing memories and old come backs..
Laughs, Sounds, Cards, Singing, Food, Jokes, Scary talks, home.
And how can i forget the snow:D:D

One Weekend  i will never forget.
Because it was just so perfect.

Friday, January 16, 2009


Has been looong since i did a tag. Was in the mood today and so i stole a few of these tag questions. Real timepass ones..!!! Read on:)

What are you listening to now?- It happens to be Kailash Kher's 'Chak Lein De' from CC2C.

What is your occupation?- I am a student. thats whats keeping me occupied right now, this question should have been titled 'What do you do for a living'..lol. Ohh ya, i work sometimes too:D:D

What was the last thing you ate?- I can't believe it happens to be this ....rice and dal.

Last person you spoke to on phone?- CG, my co-worker.

How old are you today?- 20 years , 11 months n 2 weeks.

Last movie watched?-Ghajini

Favourite day of the year?- Ahh nice question, brings back good memories- undoubtedly 7th May.

Favourite toy as a child?- Ahh toys i can't remember but i loved my 'mangoose' cycle, almost broke my knee and hit the truck with gas cylinders.

Favourite season?- Minus 22 right now, i love this season..hehe.

When was the last time you cried?- Last month i think, not a huge fan of crying though.

Who is the friend you have had the longest?- The twins, soni-jenn, for i guess 19 years now.

What did you do last night?-What normal people do....sleep...!!!

What are you most afraid of?- Loosing a few special people.

Favourite dog breed ?- No offense, but not my types!!

Favorite day of the week?- Friday:)

How many states have you lived in?- One state each in two different countries.

What is your wish for this new year?- Work hard, party harder....!!!

New year resolutions?- As mentioned in my earlier posts, resolutions are not for me:(( Just take things as they come.Better that way. Time goes by faster.
I tag everybody who hasn't taken up these questions yet, would be fun to read.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

There is always something more to life.

Seek and you shall find. Ask and you shall receive. Knock and the doors shall open.

UPDATE- The comments to this post make me write this. The above words have been written with the positives in mind. Kindly take it in the right sense!!! Besides, to all those who  havent found after seeking, haven't received after asking and to those whom doors still seemed locked there is HOPE, so stay put and then you might see that "something more"!!!!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Day One, Sem Six

The Christmas holidays ended perfectly with Swets hitting the end note last night by visiting home. Not to forget the drink, the camera and the food!!! But honestly it felt great to see her back and talk our normal things. Missed her throughout!!! Feels like part of me is back. Ye!!

Its back to the academic term, back to the routine,back to the classes and the profs, back to accommodating the work, the talks and the time out !! Back to the North building days and the Tim Hortons line ups!!

This is a new beginning of the year for me. First day of the new term called for lunch randomly out of the schedule. It worked well though!!! The trio...2 of my closest friends and me....."Dil Chahta Hai" types!!! Had one of those days that would go down memory lane...the fun, the teasing, the yaps, the road, the laughs and the perfect friends:D:D In short, it was one day i would cherish!!!

Hope all goes well this sem!!

Have a good week!!!

Aqua gurl.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

A Happy New Year

A New Year, a new start and a new route begins. A lot of plans, expectations, optimism, hope from this coming year. They say, what starts well usually ends well and I hope my life follows that pattern this year. As far as resolutions are concerned, i didn't make any! I am better off simply living things as they come! I am not a follower of things i decide to do, since the best things in my life have happened randomly and i wish many more such things happen this year!! A few wishes that i am really keen should come true!!! This is one of the best messages i got this new years!

Happy New Year to all of you reading me!!! So far we have come, so much we have learned and so much we have gained solace from! Thanks to all you people for the beautiful posts and words that sometimes make me feel a little better!! A big thank you for all the awards and comments!

A special mention to Sam, KC, Shekhar, Raka, Arunima, Harshad, Sourie, Smriti n Stephan!!! Without you, blogging wouldn't be as exciting and fun! You make this space complete! Hope this new year brings life's best to you!

Keep blogging, keep rocking!

Aqua Gurl.