Thursday, January 24, 2008

A "not me" behavior

In the way i behaved today in front of h**.....was not at all could i do that......but i guess i've been taking a lot fo crap from h** recently.....i came home and really felt bad abt it....but couldnt help it......just one of those bad times or rather the "not me" behavior. But one thing i have learned with all this happening, people change and time does to. Can't expect everything to turn out the way you want.

But a friend of mine once told me, may be its you......just change the way you look at things and from that very moment u'll experience a changed life.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Come what may

Still keep wondering.....does a good time always lead to a bad one, or is it just how you make it and deal with it. Ready to sort things out, but when u dont hear that reply hurts....makes u feel ....what did i do? when u didnt actually do anything.
Happiness.....a word that means a zillion things, gotta keep it high, live it up, come what may, will stand and defend.
Trying to be myself, but this selfish world doesnt let me or rather stansd as an obstruction in my way. But i'll fight through, even if i dont win, i'll try, i;ll give it my best. And thats what life teaches me, every single time, dont give up, lead it...own it and ultimately rule it!!!

Monday, January 14, 2008

rough times

The world sometimes acts mean to you...but i am still can all bad things happen at once....a close friend rifts apart for no mistake of mine.....a loved one goes afar and life starts pouring all its agonies at the same damn time. People also devalue you at a point when you most need them, expect them to be there for you.....its just one thing after another.

But just one thing convinces me at this point.....bad things are always followed by gud ones, a nite by a new morning, an end followed by a new beginning....and thats what leads me to hope.

Getting tired of it...but still haven't broken down yet, haven't lost it yet.....still have some hope, which pulls me along.

Saturday, January 5, 2008


So my asssumption was proved is her...brings gr8 joy to times....those games, those dances and overall that life....will i experience it again?!?!?!

Friday, January 4, 2008

A new beginning

Life......always playing games with me eh? I wonder, and think.....but I must say i enjoy this game...because it leaves me at a totally new beginning at the end of each day.

The new year's hit its mark with one of the most awaited surprise......finding my long lost friend after 8 years......cant wait to hear from her.