Sunday, August 31, 2008

The 'I" tag

I had been tagged by Sourish a few days ago and so here goes the tag. Thanks for the tag. Was really fun asking myself all these questions!!!

I am - unpredictable (had to think about this real hard because "what I am" keeps changing each day:P)
I think - when I am at work and when i have nothing else to do
I know - a lot of things about few people & few things about a lot of people
I want- an acura
I have - patience
I wish - the earth had a hole so that i could move between my 2 fav places..dammn!!
I hate - nobody, hating things is ok but people, naah too complicated.
I miss- my school days
I fear - loosing my friends
I feel - alright( as of now)
I hear - David Cook's "Time of My life", Avril's "Keep Holding on"
I search - for happiness
I wonder - where life would ultimately lead me
I regret- the exact same thing that i loved once
I love- cars:)
I believe- in God
I dance- only at my university functions:D:D
I sing- never( i like hearing it better)
I lose- pool..rarely i win:P
I win - word racer:)
I cry- when i see them hurt
I write- to look back in years and re-read
I always- keep my glasses on:)
I dont always- do what i am supposed to:)
I listen- to soft pop
I can usually be found- at work, with my buddies, or at home simply lazing or in front of my pc
I need- peace and sleep
I am happy about- what i have
I imagine- my life in 8 months from flies

Anybody who wants to can take this tag up, but I think it would be better mentioning a few names:P:P
So I tag - Harshad, phoenix, nithin, shekhar, KC and sam!

Have a good weekend:)

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

As of now...

I am a hundred and twenty three pages down this book titled "Something Borrowed". I only read it when am on the bus.:P:P. Helps to pass time and to stay awake. I am not the reading types. Was recommended by my best buddy, and so i began reading it and now I am loving it. Find a lot i can connect to, things in there that make total sense.

The weekend was good, better than expected. What more could one ask for than being in the midst of close buddies and good food. Wanted to head home but i was tricked into the wrong bus that led us to the movie theatre. Watched "step brothers". The movie was a laughter ride except for a few nasty scenes.

Its just Monday night but feels like i've worked like forever. No complaining though. Its helping me move and just be me. I like being busy, knowing what i need to do and just do it. Thats all i care about at least for this week.

This weekend's going to be long(something to look forward to) because of the very fact that Monday is labour day(holiday...yess yess!!!)

Have a good week guys!!!


Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Sometimes you get out of things without realizing your out of it. You look at others cribbing at it, and say to yourself, shoot, didn't i got through the same thing before. You see it and see yourself and see the difference. Relieves you, that you've moved past it.

Something that you desperately want to push away from you, when you just stop making that move and leave things to make its own way, bangggg you see it happen!!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Current Updates

-Its better to just do things rather than giving it too much thought. Thinking just messes things up.

-Indulging in things you like doing could actually make you feel right.

-The "busy raho, khush raho" funda actually works!!

-The weekend's been different, guess why-it went by, without me watching any movies or staying up til 3 am. In a long time, it actually went by doing constructive things, pata hi nahi chala.

-She's back, feels like some part of my life is back.

-Random-Spent more time at the music store rather than the others.

- I am hooked on to the remix version of khuda jaane( bachna aye haseeno).

-Glad that my blog is getting frequent visits from my home town area. Keep visiting:)

-Before I realized its already time!!! Time to resume schedules, time to be back to routine. Exactly three weeks in the counting from today, university kicks in!!!

Friday, August 15, 2008

15th August

Marked as one of the most important days, today we celebrate its 61th Anniversary.

Although this day has a lot of historical, political and national importance attached to it, i cherish it for different reasons. Independence day brings back awesome school memories. Those were THE days. Went faithfully to school on that day, partial reasons being- the school bus would be less crowded plus i'd get my window seat!! Would be so exciting to see it come. Number 7, the sparling white one with this tri-colour(red, yellow and blue) patch on it. Smiling because i actually remember this. This was one of the few days in the whole year it would be bang on time!!!

Then it was the festive routine stuff, 2 days ahead - practice, what fun, guess why- would get the first class off!!Singing demos and marching routines would get us all into the real mood. The intensity of the songs and the whole drill was so powerful that we used to sense that feeling, patriotism they say. The talks on the freedom fighters, their sacrifices, their lives just made it all so meaningful. People slept at home, but i don't remember missing out even one independence day celebration at school. Made it all the way through. Be it discipline, the good feeling or compulsion, I still did it and thats what i look back to and smile.

With such a day marking fond memories down the memory lane, the pride and respect for the motherland always remains!!

On this note, some inspirational words, dedicated to all those unsung heroes:-
"Aye mere vatan ke logon
zara aankh mein bhar lo paani

Jo shaheed hue hain unki
zara yaad karo qurbaani ".

Happy Independence Day guys!!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

To You, My Friend!

Well these words come randomly, to two of my buddies whom I 've been thinking and missing dearly.

This one's to you!!!

As you leave i realize
Life has moved on and so have we
But your memories would always stay
No matter what, I know its true
I'll look back to the days i spent with you.

Times we laughed together
Times we talked for hours
Times we never went out without each other
Times we, were simply we!

You know it and so do I
We share this special bond
That no force could rip apart
That can't be erased from my heart.

Your words mean the world to me
Your thoughts overdo mine
Your presence brings a smile
Your memories, a lifetime.

All i desire is a little time,
Time I would cherish all my life
Time I could look back to and smile
Thats my wish before you leave.

Monday, August 11, 2008

My Sunday

Life's going on, moving on, leading me on, following a route which is pretty stable. Its nothing exciting nor totally boring. Its the theek types, where i don;t have much to be excited about!!

Work has been crazy for the past couple of days. Gosh, this one guy following me everywhere. Feels irritating to be followed. I hate people chasing me,especially when i don't care, not to forget his crappy accent. Annoying.
Besides that, i have been having funny convos with my Arabic friend. Its random how we started cribbing about the same thing:P:P, plan on hitting the booze store sometime soon with her, she talks like a pro about alcohol. Also need to check out some arabic tracks from her i-pod.

Caught up on some sleep this Sunday, church and back(i tell you it brings me back to life, get this feeling which is out of the world, at least something in the world gives me peace). Its been so dull out here. Supposed to be some hot summer days, but the past few days have turned out cold and rainy.
Catching up with friends back home (rain and more rain is what i hear)and some cool tracks have been it.
Feels like these past few days have transitioned me from my crap to something new, its a good feeling, thoroughly what I've been look forward too.

Something thats on my mind since morning:-
"Be not afraid
I Go With You Always
Come Follow Me,
And I Shall Give You Rest".

Movies- been on a long pause with it, not in the mood to sit still for 3 hours, after being so exhausted. Singh is King should be on the list next.

Have a rocking week ahead.


Thursday, August 7, 2008

Change again

Work has been keeping me on my toes for the past few days. Its been a super crazy week. Schedules changed and the short staffing has led me back to working nights. Couldn't help but agreeing. Things have kinda reversed again, the sleep-messed, and me- insane?!?!(i think) Sigh sigh!!! Thanks to my i-pod for saving me last night. I was pretty close to seeing stars.

Took the bus back in the morning, just 2 type of people traveling at that time-those returning home(Just one thought on my mind-couldn't this bus move a little faster, i need to sleep) and those heading to work(yea guys just can't complain).

Well this shift twist is temporary, change being the norm. Things never stay the same, something has to change.

Exactly a month away, until things change again- I go back to my university life:)

Sorry guys for being a slacker with regards to commenting, now you know the reason!!!

PS- "So you think you can dance"....finale tonight. What a season it has been, simply terrific!! I hope i wake up in time to catch the results!!!


Sunday, August 3, 2008

Friendship day:)

Thanks to Ravs who reminded me that today is friendships day, thanks for the wishes, you being the first!!!

So whats new on this day?!?!? not as hyped up in this part of the world, but yeah i always try to reach out to those people who somewhere in my life mean or have meant something.

So here is to them, a special reachout to all those special people:-

Thank you!!!
For simply being there,
Listening to my crap,
For helping me smile each day,
And most importantly, for loving me as I am and making me feel on top of the world when I am with you.

Its nice to see all your friends get back to you today. No matter which part of the world they are, it gives joy to remember them and see how they remember you.

I remember getting beating for having my hands filled with names during school. The pain hasn't remained but the memories, standing outside the principal's office and wasting time....waoo...simply amazing. Ahh and those friendship bands, we used to roam from one class to another, pass corridors to tie those to our friends. And then, the entire day, u'd see colourful wrists, sometimes upto the elbow.

Today is to those friends, wishing them the Happiest Friendship Day Ever!!!

A special mention to my bloggerville friends, thanks for reading, commenting and for those words of wisdom. You rock!!!

PS-I watched the Dark Knight today, something you couldn't miss!!!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Perfect blabbers

We always want things to be perfect.

Perfect guy(girl), perfect date, perfect vacation, perfect friend,perfect days, perfect expectations, perfect life.

And why not, its obvious to always want the perfect and the best.

For all you know, the "perfect" time, to attain perfections shall come and go , and you'll still be waiting for things to turn out perfect!!!

PS- This dialogue has been on my mind from sunday - New York University mein admission milna halwa hai kya. Jokes Jokes.