Tuesday, December 30, 2008

On a movie roll!!

Christmas was good. Things went by as expected, the mass, the dinner, the guests. Heard from people who i'd thought of and also got some surprises. Missed the presence of a few friends.

House parties and the shopping continues despite the cold winter. Life goes on. Movie after movie;) So many now that the count seems difficult.

Golmaal Returns, naah, the first part was better!

Rab ne bana di jodi- the voice quality on TV wasn;t good but the movie was alright. Needed to watch something after, to get back to my normal self.

And guess what followed it? Dil Kabaddi- Was an ordinary movie, but funny and nice. One of those light movies! Some amazing performances in there!

And finally, Ghajini- action fans would love this one. Songs were superb though. One time watch!

So this is what i've been doing:D:D Ohh i forgot to mention, "Sorry bhai" and "Lucky oye...Oye Lucky"..!!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas is here!

Snow, freezing rain and slushy roads as i made my way home. Still better than yesterday, where i thought my feet would lapse midway because of the wind chill and the temperature. If you gaze up at the sky in the night, you see the snow reflecting it, which is not usual at this time of the year!!

Happy birthday mommie! May you see many more birthdays!! Admire the strength in you, each day of my life. Stay cool :D:D

Ahh one more work day before its Christmas and a few days of holidays! Takes me back in time to those days where Christmas meant spending more time outside the house rather than staying indoors. Roaming all of Christmas Eve in my area, and those huge speakers blasting amazing music in our complex.. Heading to church in the night so that we could chill on the 25th. Staying up after mass and eating that Christmas cake at 2 am....aww, fun times. I picture the Don Bosco's ground being lit up for mid-nights, the road to there, filled with balloons. Just beautiful. I wish, i see myself at Don Bosco's again..!! Atleast in my dreams:D:D

Time has changed. This Christmas calls for some time home and time off from work. That is at least what I am hoping for. Movies would do too.

I'll miss the roamings at GT, the party there, the people and the sweets.

Cherishing those days, and celebrating the present..!!!

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas!!

Happy Birthday Baby Jesus!!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Done Done Done!

So the most awaited time arrives, exams done, what a relief!!! About how did they go, lets leave that to be a mystery since I dunno for myself. Only the marks shall tell which i ain't that excited about!

You just have all the time in the world now to do chill things. Be it watching random stuff or changing how your blog looks, as you can see!! I am still playing around with the looks of it. And honestly, time just flies. You don't realise how time just goes by, which is the beauty of it. Have some killer movies to watch, episodes to catch up on. Friends to catch up with. House to be cleant for Christmas. A few books to read, mind it, interesting ones and not those 800 page texts which simply dont end. More than anything, its just time to relax and ease out.

Got a heavy dump of snow throughout the night. Didn't realise it was so bad until i opened my door. Roads messed but its a good feel to see everything so cozy and white. Makes me just want to stay home and watch movies.

Set of awards coming up soon!!!

Till then, enjoy!


Thursday, December 11, 2008

Pieces of me!

So many thoughts running down,
So much to say and so little time!!

Time of good news and surprises,
Time that simply brings back the best!!!

A year gone by,
Still unsure about its joy or pain!!

Words that complete me,
Words that portray whats on my mind and say it all,
Simply, pieces of me!!

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night- - 44 north - - Union station - -ghatkopar - - bandstand

- - volvo - - finance - - movies - - CTV - - merry - - eglinton avenue

east- - 10th E - - rain - - happiness - - L7 - - music - - hope - -

misunderstandings - - 20 - - TB- - I class - - black - -world cup

- - friend - - scooty - - love - -bloggie - - idol - - letters - - Tech -

- vasai - - 800- - SE - -me.

Friday, December 5, 2008

This is whats going on..!

Time to get ready for a new phase, guess what -----EXAMS it is!!!

Not complaining, because i anxiously await the break after it.

You get this extra lazy feel when your supposed to be in crunch mode. You spend so much time doing everything else but work. Books all around you but your somewhere else. Right now, you want to listen to Kailash Kher!!! Only to that one particular song. Its like, why didn't the same song strike you 3 days back. You want to read updates of some TV show. All of a sudden, random news interests you!

You want your friend to reply instantaneously to your message when you very well know that the earliest he'll get back to you is tomorrow. Standard time!!! But you still wish for an impossibility. You feel that may be you could fit in an hour of outting and you need a break, guess where though, to the shopping centre!

Christmas plans already being set. To make it worse, plans for spring break(3rd week of Feb) come to your mind. This term isn't done yet but your dreaming of this perfect out station trip with your friends. And it goes beyond that..!!!

Your mind reaches a place where its definitely not supposed to be...atleast for the next few days!

On a serious note----Sourie, good to see you back, you and all your name callings have been missed!!!

PS-Minus eight degrees today and could that have been better?!?!

Monday, December 1, 2008

So many unanswered questions, so many things we want done. So many details that still seem shaky.So many things that come to mind when you glance back at what happened in the last week. A lot of "What if" questions ran through my mind the entire weekend. Its just that when you think of people who could have possibly been hurt or injured, you feel it all the more.

Watched NDTV's "we the people" last night which got me into a totally different mood. An emotion ruled me saying- there is something that is needed to be done. Decisions and choices that needed to be made. Some change, some step or some measure is needed to reassure the people. To make them feel atleast a little safer when the walk the streets of Mumbai. Like the people on the show even i was asked by somebody, would I ever go to mumbai again? Hell yes!!! Nothing could replace the feeling of simply being there.