Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Random crap

After a while, its the head that speaks out, not the heart. You want your heart to speak and pour out what it feels, but there is something stopping it, something that tells you- don't! And then you wonder,whats wrong now? whats this feeling? whats this thing thats stopping you??

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Did you google it?

I have been tagged....by sourish
Sorry for being so late....but finally, i execute!!!
Thanks a ton for the tag....really came up with some interesting and funny answers, especially since my name being a place.
The Tag - To check out what google thinks i need.....

So i typed....
Valencia needs....
and these are the first 6 answers....

1. "This valencia needs about 14 - 16days for production by a talented artist,if you need an urgent shipment".
- what the hell?!?!?!

2. "Valencia needs funds to finance the club's move to a new stadium". Madrid, Spain: Valencia has reportedly rejected a €47 million (US$69.5 million) offer from Real Madrid for Spain striker David Villa.
- omg.....unimaginable:D:D

3. "Valencia needs men in suits to operate the club".
- ohh lalalalala

4. 'Valencia needs a new interior designer".
-awww sure, anybody interested?!?!?!

5. "Valencia needs a screeching road race about as much as Venice".
- this one came out so true....:D:D...need it need itD:D

6. "Valencia needs proper teamwork".
- Why not:D:D

Quite a funny search erupting equally funny search results:D:D:D Had fun...thats all that matters!!!!!

I tag....buzz, stephen and phoenix or anybody who is interested!!!

Thanks Sourieieieie!!!!!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Overwhelming work

With university classes and work keeping me on my toes, i see blogger giving me a hard time too. My blog roll vanished while testing some template. I've tried to "be a follower" to all my common visitors, leave a buzz if i missed out anybody.

With the work level increasing, it feels time is running as fast as it can. Love it this way though. With good things coming close, ( the weekend and some outing:D:D), i simply can't wait.

Lagging way behind with tags from my buddies, will complete them as time permits.

Till then peace and have a good one!!!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

21st sept

Feels like forever since i last updated my blog, just coz i barely visited bloggerville. Thanks to my friend noticing no updates from myside that i decided i would write something, and as always it makes me feel good.

Happy, busy, hectic, time moving by real fast. I've gone online on my messengers after 4 days, that says it all i guess. Last post seemed lousy i guess, but thats life eh, with me moving on roller coasters!!!!!

3 days of classes followed by 2 days of work...wao...does it for me all the time. Visited the lakeshore area at the south of the city with a few friends, attended a Hawan that took place on campus. One can be amazed by the things you get done inspite of having so much going on.

I touched my keyboard(PSR Casio) today after so long. And like everytime i play it, she never leaves me disappointed. Always leaves me happy:)

Ive decided i'll try updating my blog on a weekly base(yes, to all those who sincerely follow it) atleast till december.

PS- Loving the title track of Drona, gives me a real good feel. I guess its the tune:)


Monday, September 15, 2008

One week down

With first week of classes done, it doesn't feel any better. Although all the first day professor talks takes you close to cloud nine, its brings with it test dates which ain't that great. The fact is I got to pull up another 8 months before I get what I want....yes, some vacation!!!! Might sound crazy but i really require it. Its been crazy busy, tiring and hectic and I am just a week down my countdown. Before you can even complete your sleep on the weekend its time to welcome another Monday. Plus now when your not looking forward to it, it comes by pretty fast.

Of thoughts on my mind here are a few...

- Do what is right, not what you want to.

- Don't watch " a walk to remember", at least not at this time of the year, makes you lose focus and gets you all thinking loser things.

- The church priest said, Sometimes what destroys can make certain things heal.

- You can be stronger than you thing, provided you want it.

- First years talk too much and most of it comes out of being scared and excited.

- Got a chance to watch "wednesday'. That was something really well done in a long time.


Thursday, September 11, 2008

The worst it can get is this--

People you know and with whom you once shared so much with simply ignore you. You don't know the reason and you surely cannot find out, guess why? Because they just don't reply or talk. You see them, they see you but they just pass by. Just hurts to see this happen but it happens and you gotta witness it, blahhhh thats life!!!

Monday, September 8, 2008

News & awards

After four months of vacationing, its time to get back. Time to get serious and time to get busy again.

Can't beleive its over, good times sure fly off without realising. But as always one thing remains- memories, and they will always be treasured. All the wonderland rides, the concerts, the fun filled trips, the movies, the car tracking and the roaming, all come to an end. One of my best summers so far!! Can't thank swets enough for all the fun times and for "something borrowed" - an awesome read.

An end of a fantastic summer, and a beginning of a new academic year. Looking forward to some exciting things lined up, new courses, new schedules, and for sure new experiences with so much more to learn from. I hope this new beginning ends well.

About blogging, I guess i'll become infrequent with my postings but I am sure i won't live without blogging.

A special mention about the award on my page.
Thanks a ton Sourish, he's awarded me with the "Blogging Friends Forever' award. Waooo....feels so awesome to own this BFF gold card!!!! Looks classy than most of the cards I own. I totally accept it:D:D

I think i should pass it on so here it goes. Acceptance isn't mandatory!!! The award's just a mark of acknowledgement and blogs I can't stop visiting:D:D
The Awards goes to :
Sourish(yes, back to you, even though u've already got it, couldn;t miss out on you re!!)

Raka (Keep up the writing, its been fun reading)

Sam(Love all the detaling in the posts. Dude, you are all over the place, just accept this one ok?!?!?)

KC(Relate a lot to your posts, same pinch types)

Ankur(for always visiting and commenting, you've been one of the first ones to comment)

Smriti and Nithin( new to me but cool....keep writing & visiting)

Stephen(for always letting me be a part of your entourage)*

and last but not the least....Shekhar(get back on frequency mode soon)!!!

Have a great week ahead guys!!!

Thursday, September 4, 2008


You sometimes see someone and wish you could strike a conversation. And sometimes it comes true in a very unexpected way. So here is it!!!

* For the first time*
H-(Passes by with a look at the corner of his eye)
S- (Tries, to give a glance back)

* For the second time*
H and S exchange looks, smile, wave

* For the third time*
H- Don't work to hard (while passing ways)
S- Naah, I am not!! (smiles)

* For the fourth time*
H- You here tomorrow? (As he is passing by)
S- I won't be here. Work another shift. You'll see me occasionally though! Will be around.

H- Will miss your smiling and pretty face.
S- Uhh...Smiling? Thanks!

H- Yeah, hadn't seen you in a while.
S- Wasn't around( Gives details. Wondering- looks like somebody's been watching!!)

Was funny to see other people pop in the conversation and giving it a hear.

H - My name's *** and yours is?

Names and home town's exchanged.

Convo ends, exchanged the normal byes and smiles :)

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Long Weekend:)

Second last weekend before University commences and I am glad it went pretty well.

2 full days of roaming, 2 totally different places....did it for me. It was my third trip to wonderland for the season, but guess what, its was a rocking trip all the three times!! The next day, I went to this place with my family like north of where i am located. Was somewhere in the country side. For a few hours i felt like I wasn't in Canada. In a long time, i wasn't surrounded by people, buildings, construction and the noise. it was something different. It was just so pretty, so serene, something that made me happy and made my day!!

Ahh, not to forget, I was tracking sexy cars on my way back and forth. Mann, they were just super awesome.

Tomorrow, schedules get back to normal, last week of work before its time to give priority to something else.

Happiness is what you want it to be and when you decide to stay content with what you get and have.