Monday, March 30, 2009

Feels like ages since i last visited my blog.  All the credit has to go to my current state of affairs...being sick :(  

In a long time, i spent most of my weekend sleeping, sneezing and monitoring my runny eyes and nose...awww...dammnnnn. 

With work and univ keeping me on my toes, i could care less. Its just one thing after another.

Juno awards kick in tonight(nickelback all the way!!!)....should be fun with Russel Petters...!!!

P.S - Happy Bday sourieee....have a blast...!!!!

P.S - Hemu.......update your blog soon....!!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

New - Music...

The past few days have kept me glued to my local FM radio station....!!! And it just gets better!!!

Music is a wonder. Gives you reasons to smile, move, stay awake(from those boring even feel good. 

A few on the top charts....check them out.

Sober - Pink

You Found Me - Fray

Mad - Ne yo

Africa - Karl Wolf

Broken strings- James Morrison

Live Your life- T.I.

If Today Was your last day - Nickelback

PS - Phone Swaps, bday celebs & partying, church, library visits(off course with no work being done :D:D)  ended the week well.
End of the term time soon, its coming by faster than i think it would, lots to do, excuse the delayed blog visits...!!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Monday Musings

A few Giggles, a few phone calls, running across(more so to get my bus :P:P), a sunny day, the trio meet, and  Starbucks complete the day!!!!

Monday, March 16, 2009


If I look at my life today, there could a lot of things i could just be happy about. A few not-so-good things, a few bad choices, a few lousy and lazy efforts that didn't always make it to the top. The moving on lesson doesn't end.

 If you always got what you vouched for, got luck struck, do what you wanted to, brilliant!!

But that is not always the case right? Today something of this sort has touched me. And for that reason i write it here. Just a few loose thoughts. I bow down to the person this has happened to, because even after failing a gazillion times he still stands upright with the hope that he hasn't lost it all. With the feeling that, what he had achieved is at least a glimpse of his dreams. With the message that, he's given it his best shot even though he has failed.

Ever faced that big failure in your life? Ever lost all you've wanted? Ever worked so damn hard for something you forever dreamt about and then see it crash in minutes? Ever put in so much effort and still got kicked out?  Ever woken up with that smile to do something but come back home dissapointed? Ever got walked out to the front door by someone who has no idea about what your job meant to you? Then you know what this means.

Its nerve wrecking, harsh, and annoying. Its like a gunshot in your head and a stab in you heart. As its said and will always be said, you learn from your failures and move on. What if that opportunity was your only resort? And what if your already familiar enough with this failing-and-walking ahead again concept? What if life can't stop teaching you failure lessons?

Rock On!!

Rock on..Hai yeh waqt ka ishara,
Rock on..Har lamha ho pyaara
Rock on..Yuhi dekhta hai kya tu?
Rock on..Zindagi milegi naa dubara....aaahhh!!!!

I am still groovy. Randomly happened to check this movie out yesterday outta sheer boredom.
It was better than I'd imagine it to be!!! Reviews could be so wrong these days!!!

Great movie,rocking songs, cool Farhan!! Check it out if you haven't!!

PS- If your a concert freak,you can't miss out on the guitar, the drums and the KORG...!!!! Simply fantastic.

Friday, March 13, 2009

A gift...!!!

Isn't this picture just so cuteee?

Couldn't stop myself from sharing this beautiful image designed  by Hemanth for me.

Real sweet of you!!!!

This pic just gives me that calm and cool feel. Each time I look at it, it just makes me smile:)

 Its something so soothing, so innocent, so beautiful.

Thanks a ton Hemu!!!!!

God Bless!!!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

As you leave...


Can't beleive its already time.......

I'll miss those days having you around.

I'll miss those blended language talks when you tried explaining the smallest things to me....hehe.

I'll miss you shouting my name from the back.

I'll miss those drives and those hugs.

I'll miss those moments when you turned back just to say goodbye.

I'll miss you.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Its funnie....

How you fall asleep at the library so peacefully one day before a test,

And feel that you barely slept, and  you need some more:)