Thursday, May 29, 2008

Dosti- An Akshay Movie

Well, as everyone around me says, i have nothing better to do these days.....since i am done my midterm.....movies are one of those things in my life......that take me through!
So i happened to browse through my set of dvd's and happen to pull this one out(DOSTI-FRIENDS FOREVER). At first i was like.....akshay kumar, bobby deol(was one of my fav actor @ one point in time)....should be a good one.....but my god, it turned out to be a sob sob story. M thinking....when did I last watch a crankky movie like this! A good story but overly done, thought about that time....when baby(one of my friend) cried in the theatre which watchin Kal Ho Na Ho, while i was having the time of my life laughing at times!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

random #2

Annoys me to the core when people stop bothering once they have got the best from their friends and from their life.
Its strange how a friend turns stray just because of a blink in his life. The Only thing that consoles me is the fact that....if a friend has gone astray then he/she was never yours but all the time, the friendship...does all that mean crap then??
Wao....different people...different turnouts...different expectations......but what remains the same is me and my life....hahaha....just me!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Church hym

This church hym keeps ringing through my mind.....its one of those awesome tunes that could instantly made your life feel a sense of ease....cant recollect the entire words, just remember the chorus words though...!

"Shelter Me O God,

Hide Me In The Shadow of Your Love,

You Alone, Are My Hope!!"

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Thinking about should be one of the right days in my give it a thought.
Ahh sometimes....nuthing remains.....but what is left behind are those memories.....all one could lean back on.....are those memories.
Well today is one such day, the power of those moments outweigh every other feeling. Just takes me back in time to those days that were so much fun, have so much attached to it. Learned from it, experienced life through their eyes. Today they mean a lot more than i could ever think of, just wish i was somewhere closer....but i am assured.....they still love me as i do.....and thats the beauty of it all.