Monday, January 14, 2008

rough times

The world sometimes acts mean to you...but i am still can all bad things happen at once....a close friend rifts apart for no mistake of mine.....a loved one goes afar and life starts pouring all its agonies at the same damn time. People also devalue you at a point when you most need them, expect them to be there for you.....its just one thing after another.

But just one thing convinces me at this point.....bad things are always followed by gud ones, a nite by a new morning, an end followed by a new beginning....and thats what leads me to hope.

Getting tired of it...but still haven't broken down yet, haven't lost it yet.....still have some hope, which pulls me along.


Anonymous said...

they happen they happen :) ask me

aqua gurl said...

:P:P, u've reached my crappiest post:P:P