Thursday, May 29, 2008

Dosti- An Akshay Movie

Well, as everyone around me says, i have nothing better to do these days.....since i am done my midterm.....movies are one of those things in my life......that take me through!
So i happened to browse through my set of dvd's and happen to pull this one out(DOSTI-FRIENDS FOREVER). At first i was like.....akshay kumar, bobby deol(was one of my fav actor @ one point in time)....should be a good one.....but my god, it turned out to be a sob sob story. M thinking....when did I last watch a crankky movie like this! A good story but overly done, thought about that time....when baby(one of my friend) cried in the theatre which watchin Kal Ho Na Ho, while i was having the time of my life laughing at times!


Shetu said... me i would laugh at any person i saw crying for kal ho na ho too...

Rocknroll said...

I like that movie"untamed heart"as you do,so checking in the site,and...let's talk about it in your convenient if you like.

Shetu said...

sounds like i need to see it...wat it bout?