Saturday, January 3, 2009

A Happy New Year

A New Year, a new start and a new route begins. A lot of plans, expectations, optimism, hope from this coming year. They say, what starts well usually ends well and I hope my life follows that pattern this year. As far as resolutions are concerned, i didn't make any! I am better off simply living things as they come! I am not a follower of things i decide to do, since the best things in my life have happened randomly and i wish many more such things happen this year!! A few wishes that i am really keen should come true!!! This is one of the best messages i got this new years!

Happy New Year to all of you reading me!!! So far we have come, so much we have learned and so much we have gained solace from! Thanks to all you people for the beautiful posts and words that sometimes make me feel a little better!! A big thank you for all the awards and comments!

A special mention to Sam, KC, Shekhar, Raka, Arunima, Harshad, Sourie, Smriti n Stephan!!! Without you, blogging wouldn't be as exciting and fun! You make this space complete! Hope this new year brings life's best to you!

Keep blogging, keep rocking!

Aqua Gurl.


SMRITI said...

Dear Aqua

That was a beautiful message that you shared with us. I never make resolutions too, I always end up breaking them :P The only thing I do is hope for some change, something different from the previous year. I guess that is a better way tht suits me :)

You rock girl...i always identify with your posts. You are one blogger with whom I felt a sort of connection via an invisible cord. :) May all your dreams and wishes come true and hope that the coming year turns out to be a memorable one :)

Hugs and Cheers! :)

Anonymous said...

Nice post. Not because you mentioned me in the post ;) but because I liked your way of welcoming the new year...

Take care girl. May this year, bring you loads of happiness and may almost all your wishes come true... (I said almost coz if all the wishes come true, there is no fun in life ;))

Keep smiling.

Mahul Bhattacharya said...

The aqua gurl with a fiery red blog! Happy New year!

Phoenix said...

awwwwwwwwwwwww thanks a ton :D ure a sweetheart too.. and hopefully now we will rock the girl blog too :D

ceedy said...

HNY2u - hope you had a good time

Mysterio!! said...

hey , wish u da same :)
hope u hav a great year ahead....

Mads said...

i love ur template and the music...loved it!! :D
nice post... :D happy new year to u... :)

abhishek said...

wish u the same :)

Anonymous said...

Are you in Mumbai right now?

Anonymous said...

Hey Aquie, you are absolute gorgeous angel :)

ur mention of me is unprecedented for me and i m overwhelmed on the chord we strike.....

i know Starbucks is till due, but very soon i wud treat u in downtown Manhattan!!!

Happy new year Quie and have a rocking super successful 2009 :)

Aqua gurl said...

@ smriti,
your my angel till date, always stay the same:)I still remember kochu being the connecting link...i owe him big time!!!

thnks for the wishes and hope this year brings you the best, your one special blogger:D:D
and no i am not in mumbai, in ca right now!! why why?!?! msg me your id if you dont mind..!!

@ mahul

tc gurl and thnks:)

yes i did

thnks n happy new year to you too:)

thnks for the wishes

@ sam
thnks for the wishes...need it:)
and yes i still rem!!
take care and hope this new year brings you all you wish for!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey thats for considering me to be special... Its good to feel that way once in while... :)