Saturday, February 28, 2009

25 Random Things

Have been seeing this tag in many places in the past few days, plus i was bored and so i decided to take it up :D:D:D

25 random things about me, tried hard to keep it brief:)

1.There are very few things in this world that could make me cry.

2. I give in to people very easily, brave hearted - weak headed.

3. I like visiting places. Out of all the trips i've had so far, chennai and hyderabad stand out the most. Best times of my life. 

4. I am very lazy. I don't need a reason to procrastinate cause it happens naturally.

5. Food is one of the things that could make me happy.

6. I believe in astrology to a certain extend. Numerology, sometimes.

7. I can switch between moods very easily. I could be upset, smiling, annoyed and sarcastic within seconds.

8. Every time life changes, i change.

9. I can talk forever to certain people in my life.

10. Cars could drive me crazy and turn me on. I just love everything about them. Flawless.

11. Everytime i see a coach bus on the road, i turn and look at it a second time, something about them amazes me.

12. Techo freak, i check out cell phones when i am loaded with work and even when I am jobless:D:D  One the coolest inventions...!!!

13. I like being left alone at times rather than making a fuss about things.

14. I could give my life for only 2 people in this world. I am selfish:D

15. Music - keeps me on top. Somebody's me is my all time favourite. I can listen to it infinitely.

16. I am indifferent to a few things in life and my opinion towards them wouldn't change no      matter what.

17. I am hooked onto blogging. Although i prefer reading blogs:D:D

18. I tend to flip back to old pictures, brings back good memories, reminds about the times that have been left behind.

19. My friends keep me going, gimme a reason to live.

20. If life could be rewinded, i would want to live my childhood again!!!

21. I am addicted to my pc. Can't imagine my life without it.

22. I am good at remembering birthdays, i just need to hear it once. I wonder how nice it would be if i remembered what i studied so well !!!!

23. I still don't know what i want.

24. I like going to church because the feeling is irreplaceable. 

25. I can sleep forever and ever.

I tag everybody who hasn't taken this tag up, would be fun to read:)


Rahul said...

great to know so much about you !! nice adding u in my reader..lovely writings :)

Hemanth Potluri said...

wow...more then anyone can know ...its good to read abt ur thiking in just one post :)..good tag..


abhishek said...

I liked the procastinator part.

It's a good thing you are selfish...bhale logo ka zamana nahi hai

shruthi said...

Hey nice one Val. If i would have taken up the tag most of the things would have been same.

MultiMenon said...

das a cuuuttttteeeeee list from an extreeemely cuuuutttteee person..loved it aquie.. :) am takin this in sumtym..

Take care,coz I care... :)


mayz said...

chennai???? seriously??? i guess this is where ur being sarci comes in :P

♥ÐÅyÐяєÅмє®♥ said...

wow 25 things abt vanilla...yeh kaha likha ki tum sweet bhi ho :O


I also love carz but mere pash hai nhi :|

Phoenix said...

u are one cool friend to have!

Aman said...

im so happy that i know so many of those 25 randoms :D like car, cell phone, procastinator, food..lallallaa..
i didnt knw abt astrology ehh, shd get to the lib next time and discuss that! hehheee...

ps: listening to one of ur fav songs at the moment.....;)
cya soon!

Shetu said...

:)fbk post

J said...

Ahhha.. the 25 thingy.

I knew you were a car freak :P

So what's the fasciation for coach busses?

ceedy said...

Nice to know more about you....

some nice some peculiar

SMRITI said...

Will come back again...two days in a row here to read and comment but mind does not work AT ALL... Fever and cold killing me.... be back soon Val

Hugs >:D<

Darshan Chande said...

That's an interesting list of things about you. Visited your blog for the first time now and it already inspires me to write something of the same kind on my blog too (about me, of course!)..

I am subscribed!!

SMRITI said...

This is just toooo Nice. Amazing how you can keep it so short and still get the message across, with absolute perfection. :)

Cars bit...well have got to know that bout u in the past few months of visiting your blog :)

Numerology?? Any chance betting on number 7?? :P

And you visited Hyd...sigh..why werent we connected thru blogs ...or otherwise then?? :(

Somebody's me is one of my fav songs too... just amazing how it just gives goosebumps everytime one hears it :)

Loved point number rock gurl!! :)

Nice 25 points... got to know a lot of new things about ya....hugs sweetie!! >:D<

And.... My birthday is 3RD MAY!! :P :P

Dream'R said...
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Dream'R said...

u sure we werent seperated in some kumb ka mela??

Points 2,4,5,9,12,15,18,19 & 25 sure suggests that.

But there r certain things i have a problem with - u said when times change, u change. My question - y would u??...y change for the world...& how do u manage to remember bdays...i totally suck at it...hmmm

anyways quite an interesting blog.

sawan said...

uve visited hyd!! come again :)

u believe in astrology.. i bet u wud start hating astrologers once your parents start looking for a guy for you :P [from experience] :)

i would give my life for none :P i am super selfish then :P

same pinch on 21.

sleep!! talk about lazy bones :P

Dream'R said...

i ve taken up ur tag and needless to say but saying it anyways ;-) - you yourself a new FOLLOWER.


ranjitha said...

Nice tag and nice post too!! loved reading it.. Have taken up ur tag from Dream'r.. Do check out sometime..

Jinu P said...

I have been sort of following ur blog since the time u commented on my 25 things post but probably the 1st time i m telling you this - niiiice girlieee blog. Very cute. Am so glad you are not obsessing about elections et al. Let the happiness remain. :)