Sunday, February 17, 2008

Happy-ies timz

Ohh today is one of those days which take me back to my normal self.......or rather a happie time in a long time.....
I can say that there is always a limit to the times things screw up....but there definately is a time when you begin to realise...this is what i was waiting for....this is wat i always needed.
Got a gr8 grade today and i am proud of myself that i have acheived it.......finally i feel content.
One thing...that is always on my matter wat i shall always be by your side and today somebody has faithfully stood by those words.....its for me to decide.
Even those ive lost something....i have received something equally better..

Thanks to my special stars who always make me what i am and stand my me no matter what.
A special thanks to my loving friend..*****a.....thanks for all the support.....luv ya.