Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Dandiya 08

Feels like ages since i last wrote. But yea, a lot of things keeping me happenings....lotsa new things....:D:D:D

Like the past year, i decided to go play dandiya even this year and it turned out super awesome. The people, the music, the feel- just amazing. There were about 4000 people that attended....!!!! The whole event gave me back that bombay feel. Memories of staying out the whole night, hitting, even hit somebody's fingers once(poor guy). Travelling places to play dandiya. Damn....those were the days!!!

Dancing can be so relaxing...make me feel real it was super fun!!!! Awesome time, with the coolest people around...dandiya rocks!!!


ceedy said...

Kewl...where did you go in Mum bhai?

Falguni Phatak?

Anonymous said...

hey grt to know tht u njoyed out of ur hectic work.....

and did u miss the mumbai fun out there ?

aqua gurl said...

@ ceedy

nahi re....i am in falguni here:(((

In mumbai we played on the roads:P:P in the suburbs!!!

aqua gurl said...

@ sam

yes i did miss mum...but it wasnt bad here....was better than i thought it wud be