Saturday, October 11, 2008

Oct 9th- Her 21st

It was my oldest friend's birthday yesterday, and i was glad i could call her, listen to her and her stories and tell her whats on with my life. Felt like ages since i last spoke to her but "touch wood" we always hit it right. Its this unusual bond that has led us together for the 18th year now. A few words uttered by her to me made me really emotional and nostalgic.
Same class, same area, same tuition, same friends, same college, same bus, even same church. But really opposite personalities and streams. Her house being right behind mine, we talked for hours, sometimes the entire evening. People passing by would be like, your talks never end. But so was it, some people in your life just differentiate themselves from the others. We have had the craziest fights and some real memorable times together.
Every time i connect with her, it feels like shes always there, present right here with me. Feels like i miss something here and that is her.
I just wish her the best out of life, all she can ever wish for.
Happy birthday baby, i miss you.