Tuesday, December 30, 2008

On a movie roll!!

Christmas was good. Things went by as expected, the mass, the dinner, the guests. Heard from people who i'd thought of and also got some surprises. Missed the presence of a few friends.

House parties and the shopping continues despite the cold winter. Life goes on. Movie after movie;) So many now that the count seems difficult.

Golmaal Returns, naah, the first part was better!

Rab ne bana di jodi- the voice quality on TV wasn;t good but the movie was alright. Needed to watch something after, to get back to my normal self.

And guess what followed it? Dil Kabaddi- Was an ordinary movie, but funny and nice. One of those light movies! Some amazing performances in there!

And finally, Ghajini- action fans would love this one. Songs were superb though. One time watch!

So this is what i've been doing:D:D Ohh i forgot to mention, "Sorry bhai" and "Lucky oye...Oye Lucky"..!!


Anonymous said...

out of the lot, i wud always recommend Rab ne for being a loyal SRK fan and Oye Lucky oye......Abhay Deol is the most underrated actor we have........

keep up the good work in 2009 too...

Anonymous said...

Cool!!! Thats exactly what I have been doing for last one week.... Something I have never done while I was back home in India... I watched movies :)

I watched.. (not in order of preference nor in the order it was watched ;))
Dil kabaddi
Rab ne bana di jodi
Golmaal Returns

And 3 of my all time favs
Andaaz Apna Apna
Choti si baat

Hahahaha... honestly I used to hate going to a theater to watch movies.. and out here I am glued to the laptop until i finish the movie... probably i dont have anything better to do out here :(

SMRITI said...

Niceeeee :) :)

Shame on me..I havent watched ANY of those...the last movie I saw was Dasvidanya. :( :( How is OYE LUCKY?? Everyone is talking about it in such favourable terms ...keep us updated :)

Cheers!! :)

Mysterio!! said...

wow... kya stamina hai ... manna padega !!

Phoenix said...

hey how was oye lucky? and sorry bhai???

you seem to be up to date about the recent movies.. i have some catching up to do..

Aqua gurl said...

@ sam
ya lucky oye was a surprise...abhay deol was funny in it:)

Aqua gurl said...

haha....i didn;t know you were such a movie freak :D:D
I still gotta see dasvidaniya:D:D
and ya...watching movies online in the fastest and quickest timepass:D
rock on, have a good year ahead:)

Aqua gurl said...

Lucky oye was total timepass re, one time watch!!

i think i outbeat you this time:D

Lucky oye was fun, sorry bhai was a simple love story yet serene!

abhishek said...

are you a movie buff like me?? coz i covered all these too...songs from oye lucky were very catchy...especially jugni and superchor