Thursday, December 18, 2008

Done Done Done!

So the most awaited time arrives, exams done, what a relief!!! About how did they go, lets leave that to be a mystery since I dunno for myself. Only the marks shall tell which i ain't that excited about!

You just have all the time in the world now to do chill things. Be it watching random stuff or changing how your blog looks, as you can see!! I am still playing around with the looks of it. And honestly, time just flies. You don't realise how time just goes by, which is the beauty of it. Have some killer movies to watch, episodes to catch up on. Friends to catch up with. House to be cleant for Christmas. A few books to read, mind it, interesting ones and not those 800 page texts which simply dont end. More than anything, its just time to relax and ease out.

Got a heavy dump of snow throughout the night. Didn't realise it was so bad until i opened my door. Roads messed but its a good feel to see everything so cozy and white. Makes me just want to stay home and watch movies.

Set of awards coming up soon!!!

Till then, enjoy!



Anonymous said...

Hey Aquie, great to see you back to the blogging world....Holidays must be in full flow out there in ur part of world.........

i miss snowing rt here :(

be regular and njoi the break!!


Anonymous said...

Honestly... liked the new look of your blog :) Why is the font color of your old posts different from the font color of this latest post? The color combination of the new post looks the best.

Try changing the color combination of your music player.

Hmmm must be a great feeling to be away from books now :)

Snow... Damn!! Don't remind me of it. I missed experiencing it twice by a whisker. Once in NY city and the other at Buffalo :(

Take care girl. Have a good relaxed time. Spend some time with yourself, just in case you love doing it... Get yourself an upgrade while you are not doing anything else :)

SMRITI said...

Quite liked this blog template. But honestly speaking, I somehow found the previous one better. But then again, its your blog to customise :), keep playing around if you wish to. :)

Trouble with free time on hands after exams is, you want to do just tooooo many things and then dont know where to start. At least that's the case with me :( So I always, always do something I most deprive myself of during exam time....eating out with friends.

And!! So its gonna be a white white christmas hopefully. :) Have loads of fun Aqua, and keep us updated...really dont like seeing "Valiant Expressions" hidden beneath a pile of blogs. Hugs. Cheers! :)

Lovely Almond said...

Pretty template..:).. although your previous posts seem lost in the color of the background..:)

I soo know exactly what you mean.. my semester just ended too.. feels like a load put down..:)
I'm considering ideas to do too..books and all of those good stuff.. family time and everything wonderful!!..:)..
But right now.. I can dream of hot chocolate.. couch.. A Christmas Carol by Dickens or anything C. S Lewis.. lit up fireplace..and feeling deep..:)

brocasarea said...

so lucky...exams over:( j here!!

Arunima said...

hey welcome bck.
Exams over huh....hope they went off well.

So nw u must b gearing up 4 christmas/new yr celebrations

Phoenix said...

wow new likes it.... :)

and welcome back and how i envy you enjoying white makes me crave for my bed and loads of blankets and a nice book... :)

aqua gurl said...

@ samie

will try to be as regular as possible:)

aqua gurl said...

buddy the old posts aren't willing to accept the new changes, i dunno why!Ive tried editing it but doesnt help:(

Ohh ya my music player needs changing!

Ahh u been to NYC, must be awesome rt, i still gotta visit!!

and upgrade as in?

aqua gurl said...

thnks a lot gurl, you always cheer me up with your words! Will try updating as much as i can!

aqua gurl said...

@ lovely
Heya, good to see ya visit!
But ya, i havent been able to edit my old posts for some reason, still figuring it out.
You shud update your blog soon too:)

aqua gurl said...

dont worrie, your time to chill shall come too;)

aqua gurl said...

yes yes, exams done! gearing up for the festive season:)

aqua gurl said...

good to know you like the template:)
still some changes to make..
hope your enjoying ur holidays:)

aqua gurl said...

figured the font thing...yeee!

τ ħ€ ĐάЎđяёάmёя said...

heya..congrats vanilla.... :P

eggjam khatam ..ab enjoying time...and I love the blog's new is awesome :)

Anonymous said...

nice to see the new face of your blog. really liked it :)

upgrade as in... do something new... something exciting... something you always wanted to do when you had time but never did coz of lack of time ;)

learn some instrument... write something only for yourself to read... practice some yoga... do something that makes you happy and cheerful from within...

just do something ;)

(¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

yay! I got done with exams too. Isnt that a wonderful feeling?! :-)
Nice template :-)