Tuesday, March 24, 2009

New - Music...

The past few days have kept me glued to my local FM radio station....!!! And it just gets better!!!

Music is a wonder. Gives you reasons to smile, move, stay awake(from those boring books..lol)or even feel good. 

A few on the top charts....check them out.

Sober - Pink

You Found Me - Fray

Mad - Ne yo

Africa - Karl Wolf

Broken strings- James Morrison

Live Your life- T.I.

If Today Was your last day - Nickelback

PS - Phone Swaps, bday celebs & partying, church, library visits(off course with no work being done :D:D)  ended the week well.
End of the term time soon, its coming by faster than i think it would, lots to do, excuse the delayed blog visits...!!!


Darshan Chande said...

Yeah, music is magic...! Try also online radio called www.accuradio.com

I love it!!

sawan said...

i love the last one from the list : If Today Was your last day - Nickelback.. hvnt hrd the rest :(

u take care dear and have fun :)

♥ÐÅyÐяєÅмє®♥ said...

music is fun :P

and it sooothes u all the time..only u need to hear the right kind at the right time :P

MultiMenon said...

Music is oxzyzen to me..!! :D Nice knowing we still have mutual tastes.. ;)

Have fun val.. :)


SMRITI said...

Absolutely love YOU FOUND ME and BROKEN STRINGS...two very nice songs..

Hope u having fun sweetie.. :)

rahul said...

Hey like that Nickelback song too...really nice blog you have!!

J said...

Wao ;)

Only seems like y'day when the term started and now it's almost over.

Anonymous said...

m seein tht u dont visit blogs too soon....a fine coming ur way..beware!!

Dream'R said...

vallllllllllll - real nice collection gal..xcept for Africa and "live ur life"..i really liked the rest..goin on thr I-pod NOWW!!...any more songs u want me goin through..seems like our tastes r similar ;-)

mayz said...

music is one of d most beautiful things created by men...its indeed is magical

Amal Bose said...

music has the power to bring peace to our mind...
n the FM station are doing a really good job..
we get to hear lots of great music. infact i often prefer it over tv, there nothing like lying flat on your bed with eyes closed listening to some great music

Kartz said...

Music - one true blessing. Period.

Peace. Be well.

Jinu P said...

Yeah me too tripping on some of these! how u doin?