Monday, March 16, 2009

Rock On!!

Rock on..Hai yeh waqt ka ishara,
Rock on..Har lamha ho pyaara
Rock on..Yuhi dekhta hai kya tu?
Rock on..Zindagi milegi naa dubara....aaahhh!!!!

I am still groovy. Randomly happened to check this movie out yesterday outta sheer boredom.
It was better than I'd imagine it to be!!! Reviews could be so wrong these days!!!

Great movie,rocking songs, cool Farhan!! Check it out if you haven't!!

PS- If your a concert freak,you can't miss out on the guitar, the drums and the KORG...!!!! Simply fantastic.


SMRITI said...

Yep I agree reviews can be very very misleading...

I wanted to watch the movie when the promos were on...The movie came, read some dastardly review somewhere and didnt watch it...and when I got bored of watching Jaane Tu...for the nth time, I picked up this one and absolutely loved it. Then I went to watch DEV D thinking abt the 5 star rating it had got, and the movie just didnt make any sense to me...loved the songs of though. Now... Farhan was good in this movie...everyone was, as a matter of fact. But he disappointed me biiiig time in Luck By Chance...Yet...He rocks!! :P

Hugs >:D<

SMRITI said...

YAAAAY!!! First to comment after a really really long time :P

Dream'R said...

Absolutely spot on!!..Rock On was one of ma fav movies of the past year. Farhan - bloody brilliant...the guy's got truckloads of talent ...acting, directing, singing -wat not...

i just love "tum ho toh" - my fav song of the album.

mayz said...

i still havent watched this movie :(

Prashant Sree said...

A green signal to watch the 'Rock On' movie. Its a good film for the music enthusiast !!

You have got a nice blog outta here !

Keep expressing !

Rock On

prajyot said...

cool poem..!!!

well the song in rock on "sindabad..." its really cool song