Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Economic Equilibrium

Today I think, my economic knowledge makes so much sense. So according to what an equilibrium means......its when things are steady or get back to such a point where the 2 possibilities are equal. Didn't know this would fit perfectly even into life-in general. I am a lil surprised, but glad at the fact that i am able to relate. When things happen unexpected in life, all you can think of is co-relate.

So this is what happens-Person A breaks off with a close buddy(person B), don't ever let person C (another close friend)interfere...just get things complicated.....It will be better off just leaving person A and B by themselves......no surprise----things just get back on track and totally perfect-In the long run Person C is where he/she is. The beauty is, this is what economics says!!! Don't interfere with the markets. they automatically stabilize.

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