Sunday, March 9, 2008

Thinking abt happiness

HAPPINESS.....a word that probably means different things to different people. But what you define as happiness, may sound extremely unacceptable to your dearest friend. I question myself about this.....and the only thing i get back is.....happiness means different things to me at different times of my life. This is quite astonishing but indeed true.

To me happiness means my home, my friends,my laptop, my university...sometimes it also means the fact of achieving something or rather just going out on a vacation...hehe. Who doesn't want one....?!?!

But do you always get what you are happy about or do you seek happiness in all you do....that is the question. There was a time when i didn't care, didn't bother about the surroundings but its important to be happy, because it definitely makes the people around you happy. Couldn't imagine ....even the smallest gesture could may someone feel a lil better....could make him/her smile.....and thats what matters. More than making the difference, its gr8 when you actually begin to feel it. Couldn't care more than the joy of making that someone feel a little feels good.....pretty good.

Be happy in life, thts what i have learned.....because you wouldn't know what clicks your door tomorrow or where would you be. You cannot say whether u'll relive the same moment again.

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Aneesh said...

Yah, being happy!!!
That's what everyone wants!!