Sunday, September 28, 2008

Did you google it?

I have been sourish
Sorry for being so late....but finally, i execute!!!
Thanks a ton for the tag....really came up with some interesting and funny answers, especially since my name being a place.
The Tag - To check out what google thinks i need.....

So i typed....
Valencia needs....
and these are the first 6 answers....

1. "This valencia needs about 14 - 16days for production by a talented artist,if you need an urgent shipment".
- what the hell?!?!?!

2. "Valencia needs funds to finance the club's move to a new stadium". Madrid, Spain: Valencia has reportedly rejected a €47 million (US$69.5 million) offer from Real Madrid for Spain striker David Villa.
- omg.....unimaginable:D:D

3. "Valencia needs men in suits to operate the club".
- ohh lalalalala

4. 'Valencia needs a new interior designer".
-awww sure, anybody interested?!?!?!

5. "Valencia needs a screeching road race about as much as Venice".
- this one came out so true....:D:D...need it need itD:D

6. "Valencia needs proper teamwork".
- Why not:D:D

Quite a funny search erupting equally funny search results:D:D:D Had fun...thats all that matters!!!!!

I, stephen and phoenix or anybody who is interested!!!

Thanks Sourieieieie!!!!!


phoenix said...

lol! hilarious will do it for tomorrow for sure...

btw do we have to use the word valencia?and then google it??can u please explain it?

btw i need ur email id?i need to talk to you on something...:)

The Solitary Writer. said...

will do it soon :)

ty for tagging me

Aqua gurl said...

whatu got to do is....

type "your name needs" in google and post the first 6 or 10 answers it gives u....

for eg...."aqua gurl needs"....

hope confusion sorted....

raka its on my profile any case....i've added ya:)

τ ħ€ ĐάЎđяёάmёя said...

heheheheheh vanilla :P

it wasbeautifully executed tag...and u need men in suits ???:P


hehehehehehehe.... :P

but yeha valencia is cool team too..I was a fan before bekham went ot real..then I became fan of real :P

ceedy said...

I am an interior interested :)

This is an awesome tag :) kewl answers

Priya Joyce said...

hey cool tag hi hi funny one too

Scribblers Inc said...

ha ha!!quite intresting!gotta try this myself! :D

Scribblers Inc.

aqua gurl said...

@ souri

hehehe...thnks re.....and yeah valencia is a gud team:P:P


wao....didnt know that...:P:P
thnks for the visit:P:P

@ priya joyce
yea u shud try it too:P:P

@ scribblers
try try, m sure it will be fun:)