Monday, September 15, 2008

One week down

With first week of classes done, it doesn't feel any better. Although all the first day professor talks takes you close to cloud nine, its brings with it test dates which ain't that great. The fact is I got to pull up another 8 months before I get what I want....yes, some vacation!!!! Might sound crazy but i really require it. Its been crazy busy, tiring and hectic and I am just a week down my countdown. Before you can even complete your sleep on the weekend its time to welcome another Monday. Plus now when your not looking forward to it, it comes by pretty fast.

Of thoughts on my mind here are a few...

- Do what is right, not what you want to.

- Don't watch " a walk to remember", at least not at this time of the year, makes you lose focus and gets you all thinking loser things.

- The church priest said, Sometimes what destroys can make certain things heal.

- You can be stronger than you thing, provided you want it.

- First years talk too much and most of it comes out of being scared and excited.

- Got a chance to watch "wednesday'. That was something really well done in a long time.



Smriti Srivastava said...

Here's something to rejuvenate you this monday Morning... >:D< >:D< Hugs Hugs Hugs.

I'm commenting on a Monday morning and it is so....yawn!!

And completely agree on "A WALK TO REMEMBER" pointer... I ask myself "Do I absolutely need to watch this???" , Gosh I love the movie but it can get crazy sometimes.

First Years...yeah..I guess. :)

And been meaning to watch "Wednesday"...think might take out time for it this WEDNESDAY ;)

Ankur said...

have fun in the univ babeh!! :)

and when u have such nice thoughts, then just cheer up!! :)


τ ħ€ ĐάЎđяёάmёя said...

arree munni ka skool khulne waala haiso usse skool jitters aa rahe hai

yeap wednesday mujhe bhi bahut achha laga hai.. :)
par tu cheer up ho mein abhi bahut kuchh hona baki hai


alok said...

First of all, thanks for dropping by at my blog and the comment.

Do I need to say that ... the thoughts are so spontaneous and I am glad to see them coming? I guess Yes! :)

Also, do I need to say that ..."We are greater than our thoughts"?

ceedy said...

True and nice words...have fun at the univ

and yes A really cool movie

Toonfactory said...

Cheer Up girl...and for a while you can change the rules a bit and Do what you want to because sometimes its more right-er than the right thing Duniya wants you to do... :)

phoenix said...

hey gurl cheer up! dont let gloomy thoughts cloud your horizon.....

those are some wise words hang on to them...

Solitaire said...

Hey! Why don't you take a "mini vacation" if its not okay to take a long vacation for another 8 months?

Aqua gurl said...

sorrie guys for being so depressing, didnt know the post would give back such reactions.....

and yes, I am all cheered up:D:D

thnks, keep rocking!!

phoenix said...

i have changed my url to

Aman said...

you put me thinking again by what the priest said....unique I must say, destroy making you healing?

hehee, yee, first years do tend to talk non - stop!