Monday, September 8, 2008

News & awards

After four months of vacationing, its time to get back. Time to get serious and time to get busy again.

Can't beleive its over, good times sure fly off without realising. But as always one thing remains- memories, and they will always be treasured. All the wonderland rides, the concerts, the fun filled trips, the movies, the car tracking and the roaming, all come to an end. One of my best summers so far!! Can't thank swets enough for all the fun times and for "something borrowed" - an awesome read.

An end of a fantastic summer, and a beginning of a new academic year. Looking forward to some exciting things lined up, new courses, new schedules, and for sure new experiences with so much more to learn from. I hope this new beginning ends well.

About blogging, I guess i'll become infrequent with my postings but I am sure i won't live without blogging.

A special mention about the award on my page.
Thanks a ton Sourish, he's awarded me with the "Blogging Friends Forever' award. Waooo....feels so awesome to own this BFF gold card!!!! Looks classy than most of the cards I own. I totally accept it:D:D

I think i should pass it on so here it goes. Acceptance isn't mandatory!!! The award's just a mark of acknowledgement and blogs I can't stop visiting:D:D
The Awards goes to :
Sourish(yes, back to you, even though u've already got it, couldn;t miss out on you re!!)

Raka (Keep up the writing, its been fun reading)

Sam(Love all the detaling in the posts. Dude, you are all over the place, just accept this one ok?!?!?)

KC(Relate a lot to your posts, same pinch types)

Ankur(for always visiting and commenting, you've been one of the first ones to comment)

Smriti and Nithin( new to me but cool....keep writing & visiting)

Stephen(for always letting me be a part of your entourage)*

and last but not the least....Shekhar(get back on frequency mode soon)!!!

Have a great week ahead guys!!!


Anonymous said...

thanks for the award and the nice 2 liner sweeto

The Solitary Writer. said...

congrats on ur awards......

hr u valenciastepe

τ ħ€ ĐάЎđяёάmёя said...


sho shweeet of ya.......
and jaldi se skool k homework kar lo...nahi toh join karne k bad class mein tumko murgi bana denge :P


luv ya loads...

J said...

Onto new things then..

Have fun with studying :P

Solitaire said...

Enjoy the excitement of new things as I am now!

And congrats on the award! :)

gunj said...

congoz fo ur award :)

Toonfactory said...

Hey nice Blog...aqua girl :)

aqua gurl said...

thnks a lot guys!!!

Ankur said...

omg.... thanks a lot!! :)

its award season i guess on blogsville!!! :)

thanks a lot!! :)

and yes... good luck for the univ, its time!!! :)

Mysterio!! said...

hhey , thanks a lot :)
and best wishes fr da new begining !!
M sure university life will offer scope for many interesting posts.

Keep writting !

Smriti Srivastava said...

CONGRATS for the award!! :)

And thanks for passing it on to us :) :) :) Just made my Monday Morning ;)

Cheers!! :)