Sunday, July 6, 2008

Day craze

Was sleeping after a night shift but i suddenly woke up. Guess What?
To my witty neighbor blasting techno beats music in his drive way which went on for a good 2 hours. Like people usually do that in the nite at 12 am here...but its 3 in the afternoon...dude,get a life!! For Gods sake...dude couldn't you blast it somewhere else...and publicize your crappy car and the music somewhere else. For the first few minutes, i thought it was the person in my dream playing music, but then, when it didn't seem to stop...i was like wth!!! It was so damn loud that even my room windows refused to help me sleep. Changed rooms, that didn't help either! Can still feel the hemispheres in my head rotating.

So finally i decided to let the dude do he wants, while i did some blogging=)


Shetu said...

all the dude wanted to convey to u-"woman, u rock...n there was no other way to let u knw tht"
p.s. kabhi kabhi

i broke dad's blackberry today-jus so u

gunj said... way to ignore him ;)

stephen said...

hehe that must be irritating for u after hectic night shift

good way to iggy him

Anonymous said...

hahahahah Good productive use of your time ;)

Scribblers Inc said...

good thought..good thought!!

Scribblers Inc.

aqua gurl said...

@ shetu
lol....tu jaaha bhi jaae....i always get some breaking news from there.

well yeah...thts the only way i cud distract myself

aqua gurl said...

@ stephen

it was irritating and annoying..i wish i had the guts to tell him to

aqua gurl said...

@ shekhar,

yes yes....indeed=)

@ scribblers Inc,

thank you thank you=)

Ankur said...

tat dude seems to be really brave!! :P

so u blog and then u slept well i guess once he stopped!!!

have fun...

aqua gurl said...

@ ankur,

that dude is phir se shuru hua

Ankur said...

insane hai... then KICKASS!!! :P :P

aqua gurl said... time:PP