Thursday, July 31, 2008

Of late...

Two more days to the weekend, and how i wait. Its been a full-on work work work week. No complains, its been interesting though.

My senior operators get surprised at how each time they see me at a different place, they say wah promotion!! I say- naah, work calls me. But i like these guys, they pamper me like hell(just because I am the youngest). Work's been like my rescue from stupid things( seriously, dumb things). Touch wood. But honestly, its gets boring at home and moreover i end up in the thinking world which ain't good, so i love it the busy way. Busy raho, khush raho.

The Ahmedabad news got to me, but am relieved to know, alls well with her.

This weekend calls for some roaming about and some movie hopefully, my favourite timepass!! Some lazing around would do too:P:P Who cares, time flies ...thats it.

The countdown for the "Back to Univ" days shall arrive soon = ).

Have a good weekend people!!!


Solitaire said...

Yeah, the Ahmedabad news got to me too. I guess that is what is on everyone's minds these days.

I too like the "busy raho, khush raho" attitude. I do not want an idle mind to be a devil's workshop.

phoenix said...

the amedabad blasts really unnerved me too :(

hey you have a great weekend too...though i cant be too happy, lots of studies to do :(

but you take care

Aneesh said...

Yah, Everyone was horrified to hear that incident!!
Great weekend to you too :)

ceedy said...

enjoy whatever you end up doing...:)

Anonymous said...

Ahmedabad was horrible. No doubt. And as on work front, i can very well corelate to your situation which adds up many areas where i can relate to you. :D

Weekend movies, wow, they sound fantastic and now i hopin that i would be able 2 catch up some good movie out here too....

Anonymous said...

Really liked that "Busy raho, khush raho" attitude. :)

Seems like I am the happiest around... I have been extremly busy off late ;)

aqua gurl said...

@ solitaire

@ phoenix
gluck studyin!!

@ aneesh
glad tht things are cool now.

yes yes:)

@ buzz
haan re weekend are for movie catch ups...some good ones to watch out for!!

trust me, your the happiest:P, enjoy!!