Monday, July 21, 2008


Hope you guys had a great sunday=)

Well mine was a lil hatke, just because i didn't laze around or while away time doing nothing but infact did something unusual, guess what?? -entertained guestss!!!

My life's become fairly patterned and so scheduled, where i just go by what is required of me, follow what i need to, no nakhras, just live, simply,do what i want. And the moment i heard guests coming over, i was just like, are you serious dad?!?! No offence at all, this place has made me like that.

People hate mondays, because all they are thinking is the weekend. In that confusion, they forget about the other days of the week and indeed time just flies. There was a stage when i used to track hours but now its different. Track weekends, and boom, 3 years gone by!!

Sorry, coming back to guests, wahi puraney questions--
They: So where you working?!?!?!
Me: Old place, old place.

They: What about school???
Me: Yeah, sept 8th, still some time to chill;)

They: You happy here(damn everybody, every single time)?!?!
Me: Well depends you see, its a long story, blah blah.

They: You want to go back?!?!
Me: Ahh...Dunno, cant say yet.

At the end, it was alright. Some stories were targeted at me, some lessons:PP, some random talks. I was judged by what i said - but who cares. I am glad I was just me.

PS- i finally watched Jaane tu ya jaane na, now i know why i read so many posts about it!!!!

Have a good one!!!


τ ħ€ ĐάЎđяёάmёя said...

guests aur unke wohi ghise pite sawaal par bhi wohi puchhenge and ghar par bhi aaker waahi :(

waise nowadays I too had started counting sundays..inida still doesn't have the weeekend culture na :(

toh sunday ka intezaar :P

jaane tu ya jaane na..i heard it's a good movie but i have such bad experiences with hini movies that I cudn't muster the courage to watch it :P

aur howz life..itna low kiun sound kar rahi ho???

aqua gurl said...

Haaan yaar, movie dekh le, timepass aur acchi thi:) courage kyun nahi?!? ek movie dekheney kitna courage lagta hai bey??

yaar, low kidhar:P:P totally fyne shyne hun:PP tu kaisa hai?!?!

gunj said...

at times i really wonder y do guests cme in d 1st place?? to take updates which they wont even remem aftr they leave!!

τ ħ€ ĐάЎđяёάmёя said...

arre hindi filmein jhelne k liye sachhi baht courage chaiye...mere se nhi hota..aur jhelaoo hoti hai english hindi mein dub....ufff..

main bhi thik thak hoon ..thodi tabiyat kharab hai...jagah badli hai na isiliye :)

Ravi said...

yes....people, specially we students, hate mondays and quite rightfully so :P
weekends is without doubt what we all look for so desperately ;)

Anonymous said...

Hahahah Thank god. I thought I was the only one coping with the stereotyped questions that every guest has for me...

Waise looking at the number of guests whose visit us every year... our home has been nick named "Guest house" ;)

Ankur said...

hehe... guests ask u all silly ones, imagine how n wat they ask me, i m 28!!! :P

but have fun and dont let them get into ur head ;)

and JTYJN... its just amazing, isnt! :)


Solitaire said...

I loved the movie too!!

Anyway, tell me something, since I am new here. Where were you before and where are you now?

aqua gurl said...

@ gunj

aarey yeh log itne smart hai :P:P, sab kuch yaad rehta hai unkoo!!!

aqua gurl said...

@ ravs

so true re, i had this convo wid u that day rt, and truly i got tired by all the- do this do thats of it!!

aqua gurl said...

@ sourish

haan yaar, jagah badalne se kaphi kuch idhar udhar ho jaata hai, m sure thode time me tu theek hoga:P used to ho jaega!!

aqua gurl said...

@ shekhar

haha, trust me its the same thing they always want to know , they'll forget other things but they wont forget what ive told

aqua gurl said...

@ ankur
i can imagine them asking u like crazie stuff, kabhi shaadi kar raha hai being on the top of the list???

yes i wont let things get to me:PP


aqua gurl said...

@ solitaire

hey i was in Mumbai b4, now in Canada. wut abt u?!?!

Anonymous said...

hey you in school :) abhi bhi ? i want to go to school too :)

Guests keep askin whai purane dharre wale questions and one point of time i feel they suck :)

good to see you upbeat girl :)

Anurag said...

I too don't like guests coming ...but imagine the time when we have to be guests at somebody else's house...This post will completely backfire then .... :P

The Solitary Writer. said...

people hate monday s bcoz all they thinkin is weekends :p ;) u made survey or wht... about guests ....wellwht kind of guests ur talkin out and reaction depends on how well u know them ...right naa

hmm how was jaane tu jaane naa

its due i have to see it

aqua gurl said...

@ sam

yaar by school i meant university, thats what we call it here. As long as your studying its called school.

upbeat....yea yeahhhh!!!

aqua gurl said...

@ anurag,

thnks for visiting buddy, haha yeah well thts y i avoid gng to people's house as much as i can, close relatives n friends is a diff story!

aqua gurl said...

@ steve

arrey yaar, survey kyun, aise hi dikhta hai mujhe.

And yea they were not like any close relatives or sumthing, hence the

movie was gud re, check it out!!!

Ankur said...

yes... m going home on Rakhi and i hope i face more such questions... otherwise i will think they dont care abt me!! :P :P

hehe... btw frm where to where u have shifted????

Mysterio!! said...

Just live... nd simply do what u want ... hmm well unfortunately for ppl like us.... dats what others called nakhras yea....bUT Neways i like da way u put it :P

Well we dont hate mondays... we just hate tht weekends are not longer :P

aqua gurl said...

hey ankur,

ur gng home, sahi hai yaar, enjoy kar=)

ive shifted frm mumbai to canada!!

aqua gurl said...

@ mysterio


well abt the weekends being not longer, abhi weekends to sab jagah same hai naa:PP idhar ya udhar

J said...

Seems like an 'entertaining' week?? ;)

Jaane tu... so what's the take? I for one despised every bit of it.

Solitaire said...

I live in Ohio, USA

aqua gurl said...

@ J

yea was thoroughly entertaining:P

Jaane tu was cool, no tension types, just an easy going movie!!

aqua gurl said...

@ solitaire

thts so cool :P:P