Thursday, August 7, 2008

Change again

Work has been keeping me on my toes for the past few days. Its been a super crazy week. Schedules changed and the short staffing has led me back to working nights. Couldn't help but agreeing. Things have kinda reversed again, the sleep-messed, and me- insane?!?!(i think) Sigh sigh!!! Thanks to my i-pod for saving me last night. I was pretty close to seeing stars.

Took the bus back in the morning, just 2 type of people traveling at that time-those returning home(Just one thought on my mind-couldn't this bus move a little faster, i need to sleep) and those heading to work(yea guys just can't complain).

Well this shift twist is temporary, change being the norm. Things never stay the same, something has to change.

Exactly a month away, until things change again- I go back to my university life:)

Sorry guys for being a slacker with regards to commenting, now you know the reason!!!

PS- "So you think you can dance"....finale tonight. What a season it has been, simply terrific!! I hope i wake up in time to catch the results!!!



Ravi said...

haha..."insane"...somehow i just lov this word...maybe u knw why :P :P
and as for "change"...well, change is ofcourse inevitable.
Things never stay the same, something has to change.
Loved this particular line, quite philosophical u c ;)

and by d way, soya kar theek se, good for health :P :P

Anonymous said...

Ahh! Take care gurl... Seems like life taking a toll on you... So ma'am "insane" ;) better grab some rest as and when possible and dont worry about not being able to comment frequently... friends can always understand :)

Anonymous said...

i know i know how it takes to workin i know why u werent there today while i waited for u so long....

babeh, this wud pass too and u shall overcome :)

god bless you

the traveller...... said... cant be that bad.....or maybe it can.......he he..........but girl u hav a lovely sense of humour abt it all.....God bless!

Solitaire said...

The only permanent thing in life is change.

J said...

Yep.. change happenz!! Always.

Have fun with the shifts :P

τ ħ€ ĐάЎđяёάmёя said...

jyada work load mat lo.....pagal ho jaogi samjhi :P


gunj said...

change is gud! i am yearning for sme!!

Anonymous said...

oye u said u changed tempo, i see it still the same one

aqua gurl said...


yeah i totally know why you love that word:D:D

haan yaar, sohti hun, sirf alag timo par:D:D

tu take care:)

aqua gurl said...

yeah I am taking it easy, no worries:)

aqua gurl said...


abhi pata chala naa, the reason for me going missing:D:D

i hope your taking it easy too, rock on!!!

aqua gurl said...

@ the traveller

thank you!!!!

aqua gurl said...

@ sneha

well said

@ J

yeah. hopefully:D:D

aqua gurl said...


yaar, abhi tak theek hun, zinda hun:D:D

hope your rocking too, new place abhi set hai rt??


aqua gurl said...


Yippie, change keeps me going!!

Anonymous said...

oye jaldi waapas aa, i m missin smthin :P

Anonymous said...

Where have you disappeared???

Mysterio!! said...

Workin @ Nites... Sigh !!
Itna kaam ?? poore co. ko badal daalogi eh ? :P

Anonymous said...

Still waiting for updates :)

aqua gurl said...

@ shekhar,

haan ji, very soon:)

aqua gurl said...

@ KC

lol puri co. nahi :P:P, i wish i wish:)

Anonymous said...

how soon in soon? ;)

aqua gurl said...

hahaha, i see somebody online;)

soon as in jaldi, phata phat soon:P

Anonymous said...

Hahaha seems like I have found an alternate mode for chatting :)

chalo got to hit the bed...

hopefully when i login tomorrow morning... the time period "soon" would be over ;P

seems like the new post is already in WIP stage :)

aqua gurl said...



yes, its in the WIP stage:):)

take care!