Friday, August 15, 2008

15th August

Marked as one of the most important days, today we celebrate its 61th Anniversary.

Although this day has a lot of historical, political and national importance attached to it, i cherish it for different reasons. Independence day brings back awesome school memories. Those were THE days. Went faithfully to school on that day, partial reasons being- the school bus would be less crowded plus i'd get my window seat!! Would be so exciting to see it come. Number 7, the sparling white one with this tri-colour(red, yellow and blue) patch on it. Smiling because i actually remember this. This was one of the few days in the whole year it would be bang on time!!!

Then it was the festive routine stuff, 2 days ahead - practice, what fun, guess why- would get the first class off!!Singing demos and marching routines would get us all into the real mood. The intensity of the songs and the whole drill was so powerful that we used to sense that feeling, patriotism they say. The talks on the freedom fighters, their sacrifices, their lives just made it all so meaningful. People slept at home, but i don't remember missing out even one independence day celebration at school. Made it all the way through. Be it discipline, the good feeling or compulsion, I still did it and thats what i look back to and smile.

With such a day marking fond memories down the memory lane, the pride and respect for the motherland always remains!!

On this note, some inspirational words, dedicated to all those unsung heroes:-
"Aye mere vatan ke logon
zara aankh mein bhar lo paani

Jo shaheed hue hain unki
zara yaad karo qurbaani ".

Happy Independence Day guys!!!


phoenix said...

hey wishing you a very happy independence day !

τ ħ€ ĐάЎđяёάmёя said...

Happy independence ..

hehhehe main toh skool jaa tha laddo khane ko :P
iss bar bhi college gya tha laddoo khane :P

iss bar kya kiya????

Am In Trance said...

Happy Independence Day Dear..
Keep Up The Free Sprit..

Mysterio!! said...

Same PInch :)

I loved da drills and da speeches as well...
15Th august and 26 th Jan hav been days wehn i cud sit back and watch Border , Tiranga and other movies again and again every yr... it still continues to be dat way :)
and yes ... patriotic songs hav a special meaning on dese days.

RADhika said...

wishing you the same!
you know, i liked your posts for many reasons, one of them being that we celebrated this day with a musical program dedicated to all the patriotic songs!
and felt so nice to read the post on the same day!


Aqua gurl said...

same to u :)

@sourish bar kuch khaas nahi kiya yaar, kaam pe gayi thts it....wuts the latest wid u??

@am in trance

cool cool....unfor. this time i couldnt watch any patriotic movie:(

glad that you liked the post, keep visiting:)

Smriti Srivastava said...

I-day in school for me was more about Independence from studies for that day...but the whole compulsion of "do this, do that in this way or that way" sort of ruined the whole "Independent" spirit in school. Although we sang the national anthem daily in the school assembly, singing it on that day, with the national flag pinned up on our uniforms, sort of gave goosebumps and a proud feeling.

After school, when I had a chance to see the world and through my eyes, independently, then did I realise the true meaning and importance of I-day..until then, it was all a spoon-fed notion.

Anyways, m writing a blog here once again with my let me keep it short..


Ankur said...

happy independence day!! :)

and wat a beautiful song sung by great legend... Rafi!! :)

did u c "Mumbai meri jaan"?
which part of india u r from?
i know u r in Canada Val!! :)


aqua gurl said...