Sunday, August 3, 2008

Friendship day:)

Thanks to Ravs who reminded me that today is friendships day, thanks for the wishes, you being the first!!!

So whats new on this day?!?!? not as hyped up in this part of the world, but yeah i always try to reach out to those people who somewhere in my life mean or have meant something.

So here is to them, a special reachout to all those special people:-

Thank you!!!
For simply being there,
Listening to my crap,
For helping me smile each day,
And most importantly, for loving me as I am and making me feel on top of the world when I am with you.

Its nice to see all your friends get back to you today. No matter which part of the world they are, it gives joy to remember them and see how they remember you.

I remember getting beating for having my hands filled with names during school. The pain hasn't remained but the memories, standing outside the principal's office and wasting time....waoo...simply amazing. Ahh and those friendship bands, we used to roam from one class to another, pass corridors to tie those to our friends. And then, the entire day, u'd see colourful wrists, sometimes upto the elbow.

Today is to those friends, wishing them the Happiest Friendship Day Ever!!!

A special mention to my bloggerville friends, thanks for reading, commenting and for those words of wisdom. You rock!!!

PS-I watched the Dark Knight today, something you couldn't miss!!!


Ravi said...
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Ravi said...

Lovely piece vals :)
Its always feels nice to be first :P

Friends, yeah they are special and will always be :)
To comfort us whenever we need them...and also our parteners in crime :P maddie group :P:P

Priceless memories which shall be treasured forever :)

read it in a community post last night. worth mentioning here

The glory of friendship
is not the hand extended,
nor the loving smile,
not even the delight of the company.
It is the spiritual inspiration that comes
when you discover that someone
believe and trust in you.

Cheers !!

Knatchbulley Hughzscene said...

hey.. happy friendships day :)

Harshad Joshi said...

Happy Friendship Day..Stay happy...

Rohan said...

happy friendships day..!!
PS: cant wait for valentines day..!!i hope everyone shares the same enthu then..:P:P

Anonymous said...

hey VD, wish u a verry heppie friendship dy.....

n guess wut, i too saw dark knight :)

Anonymous said...

happy friendship day girl... may your life be filled with many such sweet memories forever... take care

The Solitary Writer. said...

happy friendship day

great u wrote about it

assume that i tied a friendship band on ur hand :)


ceedy said...

happy friendship day to you...

you were the first commentor on my post...

hope you had a blast

Nithin Jayan said...

n here's ma first hi...reached here by first line captured part of ma attention...being reminded dat it's fr'shp day...!!! actually i 'celebrate' dis day 4 de sake of those who r 'just' 'friends'...!!! since de best ones r wid me all 24x7 n der being no need 2 spare another 24hrs 4 those,,,de rest can b made happy wid luvly sms n mails ncalls on de first sunday og aug...yuupp..sorry 4 blah blah..!!!tata.. ;-) linked...

Mysterio!! said...

Happee Frandship day :D

dark knight ... nt bad yaa !!

aqua gurl said...

@ ravs

very nicely said, love the words=)

@Knatchbulley Hughzscene

@ harshad
you too stay happy!!!

aqua gurl said...

@ rohan

lol valentine's day.....ur funnie:P


i hope u liked the movie=)


my pleasure!!!

aqua gurl said...

@ shekhar

yes yes.....u too tk cr!!


awww thts so sweet, i guess u had some friendship band memories too!!


thnks for visiting!!!!

@ KC
u seem gayab these days...all well??

aqua gurl said...

@ nithin

aww ur lucky, well my best ones are never with me and so i did this day means a lot!!!


Nithin Jayan said...

Yupp! Yeah 4 de time being seems im de lucky one today :-) donno when de season's gonna change! de way hi hi yer blog is in trouble :-) im gonna nag whenever im home 4 weekends!so bye 4 now!

Ankur said...

Happy Friendship day...
i guess u had loads of fun there!! :)

and ya, i figure, that my blog is out frm ur blogroll... :P


Anonymous said...

happy friendships day girlfriend !!! -phoenix

aqua gurl said...

@ nithin
everything happens for a reason and things change like seasons...:P:P lol trouble....haan haan...dekhti hun:P:P, ur blog wud be in equal trouble too:P:P tata!!!

aqua gurl said...

at ankur, misunderstanding ji!!!

aqua gurl said...

@ raka

thnks gurl, u keep rocking!!!!

τ ħ€ ĐάЎđяёάmёя said...

haapyy fraaandsheeep day :P


Aqua gurl said...

hahahhaa, aapko bhi:):)

Ankur said...

Sorry Sorry... galti ho gayi.. humko ab tum maaf karo..

have u heard this song ever!! :D

gunj said...

happy frenship day:)

Am In Trance said...

Happy ME Day..!!
(Am A Friennd !!)

N'joy Dear..

Anonymous said...

Enjoy !

RADhika said...

have a blast! :)
oh an dyes, The dark knight IS awesome!

btw, blogrolled ya!

Anonymous said...

oye inna chota sa reply duh!!!!!!

Aqua gurl said...

@ ankur

no probs yaar, hota hai hota hai:P:P

@ gunj

@am in trance
how are u, long time no see

Aqua gurl said...

@ hobo

thnks for visiting gurl, enjoy!!!

@ sammie
chota sa reply?? tujhe reply kiya kidhar hai:P:P rukh rukh, aaram se karti hun;)

τ ħ€ ĐάЎđяёάmёя said...

arre waaha main aap kab se ho gya :P


tu inna sudhar kaise gayi :P???

aqua gurl said...


accept kar le....mood mein thi:P:P

tu toh tu hi rahega.....:P:P

ya phir aap bolu:P:P

sudhar gayi...hahah....yaar mai toh kabhi bhi sudhar nahi hun bas hun:D:D

Meghna said...

New here.....browsed thrgh atleast the last 20 posts and loved ur blog.....interesting read :)

Happy Friendship Day!!! Thgt this wld b the ideal moment to comnt thgh hav been reading u since a week now, coz a new frndship on Freindship Day wld do us good :)

WOW! DARK NIGHT????? :ENVY: u an ur frnds r lucky coz my group was treated with a house full!

aqua gurl said...

Hey Meghna...

Thanks for browsing ...hope u had fun reading!!!

Happy friendship day to you!!!!

Now m gonna check ur blog, will visit often!!!

Mine was houseful too but i made it!!!

Meghna said...

No probs.....Tahnks for visiting....This emans we both will be seeing a lotta each other :)

Anonymous said...

Hmmm waiting for some updates :)

aqua gurl said...