Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Atif Aslam concert

Woke up tired, sleepy but still managed to pull off the day!
Went to the atif aslam concert today, what can i say, one of my first concert ever in my life!

Started off with Amanat Ali, ahh sang and performed pretty well, kept claiming how much he loved the crowd, one of those showy things that stars do!

Richa Sharma, was up next, loved her performance, didn't know her until today even though i was familiar to her line of songs. Good one!

Kailash Kher, wow, was he fan anyways, but this performance has made me love his songs even more, intense voice, aweosome awesome, the best of the nite!!!

And finally atif aslam, ahh ...well...he was alright....not the best though....no offence people....lol...but yeah....his singing didn't amaze me...lol...was the ok types...!!!!

An Awesome day!

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