Friday, June 13, 2008

Can't forget my phone ring today

"Somebody wants you, Somebody needs you, Somebody dreams about you every single night.
Somebody can't breath without you, it's lonely. Somebody hopes someday you will see
That Somebody's Me!"- my phone ringtone, keeps yelling at me at the most weirdest times of the day and like each day in my very exciting life, it did, even today!

But today was strange, i popped close to it thinking it was gujju's but i got difussed for a couple seconds as soon as i saw the display, coz i saw that name appear like after 6 months! Hmmm yeah....the name was powerful enough to blow me off ...6 months ka badla:PP reaction....started off cool....then exploded and then.....finally gave dont understand what was on my head but wutever it was it ruled me at that time. Got some sincere suggestions after that.....made need that sumone to pull u out each time...and without a guess....its been gujju again=)

So the fact that i've been marking time since the year before last, makes me think to what exactly happened last year at this time.....those random talks....for hours n hours....piu's bdayyyyy...too many fond memories with

But things that happened today felt like a reflection from days of last year...ditto same timing.....its just that circumstances are different..well anyways my life would suit best for a directorial superhit ho jaati! So much excitement, so much fun, so much mess, so much confusion, so much randomness, so much of his sixth sense crap( damn always comes true).....but m glad i haven;t gone insane yet....head and shoulders...oops...i mean head on my shoulders.....i still stand, stop and stare, and will eventually move on=)

Rock on!

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Shetu said...

thts how life runs deary..
n u started too ?gujju...