Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Happiness- A thought extended

So this post comes from my other blog.

Dated 7th april, 08

Today is one of those days that started off scary but ended out far fetched. I feel good about the fact that i didn't miss my buses:PP...yeah got all of them on time....was just perfect!!! Jokes apart, i m just thinking.....friends do impact your life, your mood and the way in which you react. Well this notion thoroughly holds does!!!

I was asked by a friend it that you are always happy?? And the only thing that could come to mind was.....may be not always..its unpredictable...its unexpected...its true....or rather i m content with what surrounds me. May be its just the way it is. Its not necessary that all the things in life shall make you happy, not everything has a positive hit on you....but somethings surely do and those are the things that make you smile....and that keep you happy. Coz its the small things that could easily make a bad day good or a sorrowful face smile.

Happiness it what you are, the things that make you feel good, and what you choose to be!

Ahh whatever it is......things keep happening...and they always will....a new day a new beginning and a new life:))

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Shetu said...

happiness is only somethin in life u see after seeing the low day