Saturday, June 28, 2008

Friends going apart

Missed Bloggerville, but here i am , back again, to my own space.

Last few days have been a roller ride, but more than that, some times that i wish to cherish here.

The past few days....have just been times of friends' leaving ....and its been hard than i had wondered. Even harder, to handle the feeling after they've gone.

All those times spend with you guys....wonderland(blasttt), Crabby's(the suburban story:PP), the nite out, the gaming and all the random talks.... will always be missed and remembered.

For i wish you life's best as you leave, now i see another reason to visit bombay, another reason to smile=)

Gujju, will miss you a lot, imagine how much business my phone company would loose coz you are not around:D


Shetu said...

wats important is to smile...bahane toh miltey rahenge...
btw...gujju again:P
lov the home comin....jus love it...though my mom is bored of listenin bout tht some1...already..she has no idea wats coming in the nexxt one month and an hlaf
p.s. i love u...thnks for everythin cia...means a lot to me

Anonymous said...

Wot happened ?

aqua gurl said...

@ ashu,
thnks for asking.

Well, my friends left for vacation so was feeling kinda lonely...but but...its all gr8 now=)