Saturday, June 21, 2008


Well yesterday and today, have just been those laid back days, where literally i just layed back, just did nothing, except talking to people and playing pool( i am improving), which i can't stop doing, its just become like one of those daily routines, atleast till university begins=)

Tried talking straight to my friend,the most atrangi guy from my group, and he was like, avoid formal talks with me coz we are so used to being rude, shrude, insane, crazy, calling each other so much stuff(abusive and just not the nice words u see!!)...that the normal vocab sounds like some alien calling out to me. Well, it was a good talk today, after a while, he telling me the missy missy story and was just like....wat the hell....are u serious!!! But truly, hes one of those whom i miss dearly these days..miss the competition...miss him....its just those unsaid things i guess.

My music learning......ohh.....i want to get started soon on that, after all the inspiring stories from today.

Cars.....can't share that love with offence!!!

Hmm....what else,ohh can i forget this, after searching so hard, like for 2 weeks, i finally found my blog background,happy endingssss :PP just love this one...aint it nice??? ohh well hope it stays on long before i give into some other layout, but till then, stay cool, head on shoulders, me moving on=)

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Shetu said...

pretty background:)