Monday, June 23, 2008


Just back from church, felt good that i made it on time after a long time. The prayer group rocked it today, was totally awesome=).

Its got so gloomy outside, looks like its gonna pour like hell, need it need it.

Sunday, one of the slowest days of the week for me, just doesn;t pass fast.

Today :-

- I've realized, some inspiration is what i always need.

-Father Joyson said, don't fear anyone or any thing except God(in a respectful way)

- I've to write to sis mama, she'll be crossing 81 this year!!!

- I'm addicted to these songs from JAL and got my sis addicted to them too.

- Heard these songs from 'UGLY AUR PAGLI'....they are amongst the crazier ones ive heard this year.

- Hope mamu gets alright jaldi jaldi.

-And finally, crap, 4 days left for my exam, pata nahi kitney teer marney wali hun:DDD


Anonymous said...

Hello and welcome to blog world! I saw that you were new to blogville from Ashu's blog!! want to let ya know you have one friend out there in blogland!

I love your randomness in this blog!!

I will be back I am sure!


aqua gurl said...

@ Ne

thnks for visiting =)