Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Baby can u feel the magic!

Couldn't think of an apt title has been such a gr8 day in terms of friends and their support, but a bad one in terms of gaming:((...lost all my pool games to that dodo....can;t believe it, my eyes refused to see, but who cares, i'll still win tomorrow(thats my heart speaking :PP)!!!

Baby(thts my pet name for her), told me her story today and I must say it made my day, that gurl and me, have so much different but still somewhere we still think of each other, still those memories make me smile and her too and thats what matters. Life, I just learnt, moves on, but such memories of childhood, i hope they never leave me because when the world backs out on me they support me and thats all i want, some things work better unsaid and this is one of it!!!

I think my carefree nature would sometime make me regret, par nahi yaar, thats the way to go and move!! Those few people in my life, as long they stay, thats it, wouldn't care or bother much!

Ahh moving on about what I had initially planned to blog about, highways!!!!!!!!
I've had this extreme fascination for roads and highways from the very beginning and today i wish to give them justice in my life by saying how much i love speed, travelling and moving on highways, just gives me some pleasure, ahh....sounds weird but what to do, thats me, totally weird, random and a travel freak!!!

PS-Loved that highway all the way to Markham and back, where i gave directions even though it was my first time, was about to crash but we still saved ourselves, was just fun all the way!!!

PS-Canadian idol just sucks, thought the guys on Indian Idol were way better,hats off to them!


Shetu said...

n jus tht association wid of life n highways...cia...somethin connects ur moving on theory wid they are...exits exist everywhere...its for us to decide wen to take them n get on the small clutter in life...
p.s. i love u:)

Am In Trance said...

Hey.. Thanx For Visitin....
I Too Love Big Wide Clean Roads... n' Drivin There Like a Mad Man..!!
Keep Visitin...
Tk Care..:)