Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Exam ke kuch din pehley

Today I feel lazy, dizzy, crazy.

Getting the normal, exam ke pehley wali feel, where i tend to distract myself by wasting time watching random youtube videos(music ones, zoom tv), going on and off on gtalk, orkut and facebook, wasting time in front of the TV (watching that crappy canadian idol). I also browsed a few blogs today,so many thoughts, so many feelings, i just feel, I am soon gonna be addicted to blogger world :D:D

Found out that sonali bendre, kailash kher are going to be the new judges of the upcoming Indian Idol season, dunno how far that news is true, cant wait!!!


Shetu said...

kailash sumjha...wth is sonali gonaa do in indian idol...so lame..
p.s.-i lov u

aqua gurl said...

@ gujju,

u are so fast.

haan re, sonali might be a lil wierd there,but kailash shud rock.

gunj said...

hey gud luck for ur exams:)

aqua gurl said...

thnks gunj=)